Old digital soundtrack SF2

Hey there, some of you must know that back in the stone age or something, when SRB2 still used only MIDIs, there was a digital soundtrack on the website for download.
For me, that other OST sounds a lot like the game's MIDIs but with some soundfont. I like that soundfont. Does anyone know what soundfont they used in that, if they used one?

(Soundtrack in question:
this is the only source i could find for it)
the pre-2.2 digital soundtrack actually uses real life synthesizers; the korg X5DR and the yamaha MU100 to be exact
you might be able to find vsts or even soundfonts of them if you look hard enough, but they likely wont be as accurate to the hardware

this album however uses instruments completely different from the in-game soundtrack however, so i'm not sure if the synth it uses is even one of the two i listed
You could use the E-mu 8mb GM (SFX) sf2, it feels like the original.
Except for the drums, it might look a little different.

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