NO MORE SPOILERS - Sonic Movie 2


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I am so angry that people decide to spoil a movie that hasn't come out everywhere yet. Even Sonic said no spoilers, so stop.
even PARAMOUNT is mad man
Bro, I got spoiled from Coolic's comment, a video about the last thing he spoiled, and the ending I got spoiled by Cybershell. I don't even like him that much.
Honestly I feel like spoilers are inevitable, right after it released in the UK the next day I saw a bunch of Super Sonic Sonic Movie 2 videos and one post credit scene video(Paramount did take it down). Honestly even though they ruined the best parts for me, I'm still going to watch it
I didn't. They appeared on my YouTube homepage, and that was enough. I got spoiled for Shadow appearing and Super Sonic also appearing
Awww man, I haven't even seen a small portion of the movie and it already got spoiled for me :(
(I should really stop pressing random buttons :\ )
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Then why did you click on the spoilers in my comment?
My entire expectations for Spnic Movie 2 are now lost bc of those spoilers! This is like those leakers for FNF VS Sonic.exe(this setence is bit off topic,ik)

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