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NIGHTs Free Roam - Ever wanted to explore NIGHTs stages?

Don't want to fly as that lame Super Sonic in special stages and instead use come cool abilties your character has? Well this is the mod for you!

By landing on the ground, after a bit of time you will untransform and be able to roam around! If you do want to go back to flying then go to the level's start.

(small warning: you can be softlocked with some characters since NIGHTs stages are made with a flying super character in mind)

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This is really cool, I always wanted to walk around these stages and actually take in everything down to how it was designed. Welcome to releases!
this is so cool i always wanted to see what was going on in the background for 2.1's 3rd Special stage like the background looks alot more interesting than the current one we have now.
like why is there a bunch of springs if you cant use them normally?
they are almost everywhere though they do help with the free roam mod.
this waterslide looks alot cooler from the intended angle but still cool to see.

theres this coin in the breaking blocks segment like why is this here?
my only guess that this appeared during the porting process since this isnt actually 2.1 and something else was there but got replaced by the special coin in the newer version though maybe im wrong idk how this game truly works.
theres also this big area which is also next to a big tunnel also near the breaking blocks segment.
theres a spring here that leads nowhere, what were they planning with this stage?
theres a Brak at the end of the big tunnel with 4 life boxes i guess hidden Brak's have been with the game longer than i thought.

and finally theres this door near where the coin was but its just another segment of the stage behind it but im still currious as to why its here since you cant see it in the intended view.

this is a great mod to satisfy my curiosity amazing job!

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