my dream -_-


be carefull: dont think i am an otaku bc i didn't watch many anime, and the reason why i ask some personnes of what is his favorit animes is to now what is the good anime to watch
BC2: sorry for the orthographe mistakes

So the last night i dream a weird dream, first i was in a city or a little hill after the time passe i understand the city is Arid Canyone Zone Act 2 (ya that's wierd), for me i was a beatifull person with a black clothes strong and a famouse influencer my brother was jealous of me after the time passe i return of my normal body. after this i meet an ugly girl an sudenly a hunter x hunter character apear ( leorio) with a head fish (he becam a demon bruh) after the ugly girl pull out a knif,i dont stop to hit the demon and she cut off his head, finally we rest whene and i dont stop to cry but whene i see the corpse of the demon i dont stop to laugh, after this the ugly girl becom angry she sad many peapole are using instagram and she can't enter in it, and she said to if you post any video or photo many personnes will watch it. i take a photo of the corpse of the demon and i go watch a live of an arab personne who are searching the video or photos and he find my picture afer 1 minite, but the weirde of this is the persone dont to laugh too (end)

if u like my weird dream don't forget to write your weird dream too (pls)


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Well. It seems that you've quite the active mind, however, this seems.... Just a little TOO out of place, even for General Discussion.


That's cool and all but u should watch Evangelion
well, I think the replies are gonna get locked by a moderator since this is a very, very off topic discussion. So while I'm here, I'll share my weirdest dream.

It's not really weird, I just think it's kinda depressing, I had a dream where I was executed. I was in a dark, cold room, with no light sources, just an iron door and a wooden table. I was there waiting when an officer opened the door and came into the room, he was wearing an uniform that looked like the Nazi one, but it was blueish. He was carrying a large mug, it seemed to be made out of stone, it looked very heavy. The mug was carrying a dark, dense liquid. The officer told me to stand on a corner of the room, I asked if it was going to hurt and he said no. I stood on one corner of the room, looking at the intersection of the walls, when suddenly the officer put my head inside the mug. When he did that my head started to dissolve, but It wasn't painful at all, it was kind of blissful actually. after my head was dissolved he started going for my whole body. In the end all my body perished and the officer exited the room with no emotion. My last thought after being executed was: "how am I still thinking if I'm dead?", after that I woke up.

While I was dreaming I had no feelings at all, I just had a sense of indifference towards everything. However, after I woke up I felt really bad for not feeling anything, not even fear for my life. Maybe I had no emotion because it was just a dream, but it felt very real to me.

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