Model Test and Entity Showcase Map

Model Test and Entity Showcase Map 1.1

Logan McCloud

Logan McCloud submitted a new resource:

Model Test and Entity Showcase Map - A map designed for testing player and entity models

-Are you a model maker, tired of having to load up several different maps just to test a few gimmicks? Don't you wish you could have most vanilla entities available in one convenient spot?

-Maybe you're not a model maker, you're just a connoisseur interested in what has been made in a model pack?

-Or perhaps you're not interested in models at all and you're just making a player mod and want a convenient place to test basic gimmicks?

If you are any of these people, I have the map for you...

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Logan McCloud

Updated to 1.1 after some feedback
-More entities
-Dummy replacements for entities that have spawning issues
-More added to the Player test area by request

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