MD2 Monitors

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Sky Ninja

Well, my monitors.

And now the...
BKTV BKTV.MD2 1.5   0.0
BLTV BLTV.MD2 1.5   0.0
EGGB EGGB.MD2 1.5   0.0
GRBX GRBX.MD2 1.5   0.0
MIXU MIXU.MD2 1.5   0.0
MTEX MTEX.MD2 1.5   0.0
PINV PINV.MD2 1.5   0.0
QUES QUES.MD2 1.5   0.0
RDTV RDTV.MD2 1.5   0.0
SHTV SHTV.MD2 1.5   0.0
SRBX SRBX.MD2 1.5   0.0
WHTV WHTV.MD2 1.5   0.0
WRTV WRTV.MD2 1.5   0.0
YLTV YLTV.MD2 1.5   0.0


Very good SkyNinja.

Although, depending on the level, some times the monitors face the wrong way. Can't be helped.

Maybe you could make a monitor that has the tv-screen on all four sides?

Sky Ninja

Well, the head/screen would need a redesign for it to have screens on all sides, but I do have an idea, but it I screw it up the slightest bit it could really mess up. Anyway, I'll try. And the texture, I know it needs to be better. I'll get to these asap.

Sky Ninja

Go for it if you want.
Also, I updated one skin so far.

Okay, I've finished the skins and now the link leads to the new files.


weird glitch happened to me when i tried this:

my screen went upside down, and the score and stuff was on the opposite side of the screen. when i ended the game, the background was green and the SRB2 logo had knuckles instead of sonic. it only happens when i run this model though... and i tried it both ways. opengl and standard. what the hell?

Sky Ninja

Yeah, you're lying.
1. It's impossible for the screen to turn upside down
2. It's impossible for the background to be green without a wad.
3. It's impossible for Knuckles to be on the title screen without a wad.

What is possible is that the palette messed up and Sonic turned red, but that would make the sky turn red because they run on the same area of palette.


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I found a bug with the 1up monitor.
It keeps flashing from sprite to MD2.
I have some pics too.

Not MD2.

I'll Begin

Nah. That glitch always happens with everything, because people often forget to update the 1-UP boxes for all characters, or someone adds a new character that has its own 1-UP box.

Is it even possible to make an MD2 model for a Character 1-UP box? At least Sonic's, Tails's and Knux's, since I doubt MD2-ers would add custom characters anyway.

Sky Ninja

Well, actually, all 1up monitors run on the PRUP sprite set, thus all monitors should turn into the MD2. The only possible cause of this I can see is that you either don't have the model and skin in the folder, or you don't have the PRUP code in MD2.dat.
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