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MasteredVanillaChars (W.I.P)

Hey yall.I've been playing srb2 for as long as I can remember. Well since 2020 and also as you can see this is my first time using the mb.
So before we get started I wanna quickly shout out that im working on this myself.But then I had assistance from Sonic 12 with something you
may see in the game.So with all of that aside lets get started.

The Idea I Originally Had Before.
So before I wanted to do all the vanilla chars I Originally wanted to do dreamcast vanilla sonic.But then I had the idea which was
what if I recreated every char? and now here we are.I have high hopes for this mod and if you have any feedback for this mod I will take it.

Sonic's Stance
So below you can see sonic with blue shoes,a reusable color, and then I also edited sonic's wrist with blue rings over there.

Sonic's Moveset:
Does the Jump Thok even need an introduction??
Jump Thok.gif

Custom 1 Peelout:
What's a Sonic without a peelout :threat:


Or you can be like one of them people and just build up your speed.(Its more faster than pressing custom 1 for peelout.)


Custom 2 Mini Homing Attack By TheMinero:
I actually borrowed this from TheMinero and I gave him credits if you open slade but for those of you who don't know what that does,
Mini Homing Attack.gif

You basically just hold the C2 button that's all to it

Custom 3 Infinite Bounce Attack By Hurricane:
This bounce attack is from SLW sonic by Hurricane.It can bounce for infinite time.
Infinite Bounce.gif

(You may or may not know but it's also effective on water.)

Climb Dash by Kirb:
And lastly we got the climb dash by Kirb.

Super Sonic.gif

I gave every char that turn super some super particles by delf and Xian and super sonic's color is Alt Gold by Iczer
Super sparks.gif

And super sonic can fly by pressing C1 In super form

Super Fly.gif

And I guess that's all I have to show you.I have a big feeling this mod will get somewhere.

(Mod is completed at 13%)
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