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Luxis trashcan.

Just Silus!

Either doing nothing or watching you sleep.

This are some of the mods i am doing because boredom 👍

1. Robo from Bonanza Bros! (A game that probably no one knows about-)
2. Fall Guy! (you know, the guy that falls.)


3. Some Kirby Dream Land Levels! (i only have made Green Greens lo)


4. Maria Wall from SNK (anime shits that probably no one cares about-)


And that's all wdhfbdkwfjdw, i will do progress on all of these and show them here-

Well then, remember to drink water :))))

Just Silus!

Either doing nothing or watching you sleep.
I was bored, so i thought...

Why not make some level that someone hasn't done before?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i am here.
Somewhere in Nevada...



For The Win!
They all look good so far! I know a person who's going to be very exited for Kirby Dream Land remake, keep up the good work!

Just Silus!

Either doing nothing or watching you sleep.
So uhhh, yeah, hello y'all, Luxis here.
Today i am showing a re-work on the stand sprites.
Nothing much really, just some fixes in the back of the character.
Alright uhhhh, everyone have a good day or whatever.


I am... probably fixing the colors... later.


come on, this post is a year old and I only found out about it now, I can't wait for these three mods Bonanza, fall gay, and hank, I hope you're still working on them because it looks very cool)

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