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Lugent's Menu System - menu

A awesome client-side menu system by Lugent (that's me!).

  • 100% customizable (header, position, color, behaviour and more).
  • Multiple pages on the same menu.
  • Custom functions (handler, ticker and drawer).
  • No netcode dependent.

This is not reusable to avoid conflict with different versions of it.
Instead, here's a list of all the functions and variables exposed to use on your own menu:
[CODE lang="lua" title="Functions and...

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Just a question. Does the 'cvar' value in a menu index have to be a console variable? Or can it be a global variable?
Oh ok. It's just that I usually work with global variables instead of cvars, and I wanted to check. Although I was able to make a working cvar, I just prefer using global variables.
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