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Lock On Toggle - Press a button to lock on to enemies.

Lock On Toggle

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Press custom 2 to lock on to a target press it again to lock off.

You can tilt your aim horizontally to the left or right of the target.

You can also lock on to other Players depending on the game type/game settings.

Should work with simple controls.

Works best with controllers in my opinion.

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This is a godsend for boss battles, since the Lock-On stays even after you hit a boss, and it's much more visually appealing than the in-game focus function. Though I'm wondering if is there a way to toggle whether or not we see the distance value?
And is there a way to adjust the buttons if we play a character who is using the Custom buttons?
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you know this exists in vanilla right? In controls set any button as "center camera" then in camera options set Lock-on type to "sticky hold"


added console commands lockon_dist and lockon_button.

lockon_dist, toggles whether or not distance should be displayed

lockon_button, changes the lock on button to either Custom Button 1, 2, or 3

Perfection! Now we have a lock-on function that doesn't break when you hit the enemy or default you into strafing!
I mean, You did make this mod, But Wasn't this waste of time?

Don't get offended by that, What i mean is that this already came with the game

You have to hold "ctrl" To lock on To enemies
If i could make a vid about this i would show it but idk how to record the gameplay,
I just discovered this now when i was Playing as junio in gfz1 then i was about tu turn on shaders, the thing is that i changed it for me to make the shaders tab to pop up is CTRL+0, Then i realized there was a lock on that came with the game when i held only CTRL, And now that i type in THIS part specifically i noticed that other ppl said this

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