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(KLASKY) Sonic Adventure DX v3!


Hi, so, while working on 2 abandoned SRB2 projects this year, I've got an idea: what if I port the old SADX level pack from 2.0 to 2.2? And well, after submitting Sunshine Isles to the MB, I decided to start doing it to see if I could. And I saw that I could. And I do have permission for this. So, lemme show you...

Sonic Adventure DX v3!


Now, before talking about this, the previous port that you've seen by ItsEmily that was being worked on got cancelled last year. Now let's get to the topic.
This is an enhanced port/update of this old level pack from 2.0. It's another E123OmegaShow level pack, like SRB2 Heroes, Sonic 06, and SA2B. This time, it's of Sonic Adventure DX, and it contains almost every story of the original game... with entirely different level design!
This port contains:
  • Enhanced visuals! I thought that it would need some visual touchup.
  • Improved level design! Well, you still have button hunts (albeit I removed one), but there are less "destroy all enemies" sections... Spikeballs are also replaced with Bomb Spheres, and some enemies in some maps are not the ones that you saw in the original version. Oh, and Red Mountain doesn't have a MP exit, and I will put one in.
  • Brand new title screen! Look up.
  • Big is now purple! "But he's already purple????" In the original 2.0 version, he was colored lavender. I decided to make him THE Big color here.
  • New graphics! Well, not yet, but I plan to put them in. The ones by Dave Ace from the Adventure Styles mod. I don't have permission for adding them in yet, or do I already? I'll ask.
  • HQ music and SFX! They used to be low quality, but not here!
  • Amy now has her Hammer Jump! Courtesy of Pyrakid Wolfo, Amy has her iconic Hammer Jump from Sonic Adventure/Advance!
  • Multiplayer patch! Add this after you add the main mod, and you will be able to play the maps in multiplayer! Additionally, NO map will ever force you to a character with this!
  • No more vanilla-replacing textures! The mod replaces a LOT of vanilla textures, and a good part of them are... duplicates of already existing custom textures. In this port, I decided to remove all of these, and I decided to keep the ones that aren't that, albeit I renamed them, so that they don't replace textures.
Aaand that's about it for the changes.

Now, if you look at the screenshots, you see that Big... doesn't look the best. A resprite definitely would be awesome, but I won't include it in the inital version. I'm up to adding it in an update, though. I say this because I don't want the port to take so long due to that. But there's something I wanna put in for him in the inital release: a new moveset. In the original version, all he had was slow speed and swimming, and that... doesn't sound fun. If you know Lua and wanna make a new moveset for him, hit me up in DMs or on Discord (klaskythebear)!

Additionally, some beta testers would be nice, too. The update is already mostly done (I've been working on this since almost a month), and it's entirely beatable, and you can even get the unlockables, but... some testing would be nice to do, so that I can tweak stuff before release.

This update will possibly release this month or the next one. I don't know. But I want to release it this year.

I hope you will like the final product!


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Here are also a few other things too.
In this port, I decided to give Hot Shelter a big texture overhaul. I thought it looked ugly lol.
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Hot Shelter has changed a bit in terms of visuals since making these screenshots, but whatever.


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Thank god, somebody revived this port and looking at your progress so far, it's looks good af, I'm looking forward to the full release!
(also, I be down to test anytime, if that's cool with you)
this looks really good! the new graphics and colormaps look so nice! and that change in level design sounds good, i hope that push statue room in lost world gets removed or replaced in some way cause that has the be the slowest section in the original level pack. i actually playtested for the last SA port that got canceled and i really liked that one too, the only thing that bothered me was the force character thing. the reason i keep replaying the same levels over and over again is to play them as different characters, see if i can do them faster or find a way to finish the level in a more unique way due to their moveset and physics. so to have all the levels force you to be 1 character kinda sucked i mean i get it, theres different story modes for different characters but i dont think it would hurt to remove the force character thing. this is a over complicated way of asking: is there going to be force characters applied to levels?

edit: note to self, read the rest of the thing before asking if force character is gone. still cant wait to play this, hope you have fun and take your time!
More progress have been done on the port, and a tiny bit of the 2.1 port has been brought in too. All duplicate textures have been removed in the mod, and all dialogue is higher quality now! I'm implementing them and other sound effects that were used in their respective maps in the stages currently.
Until then:


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So, Version 3 is almost done! Like, 97% done. Every dialogue and sfx (so, every Play Sound Effect linedef that is used) is in! The new springs, checkpoints, monitors and speed pads that Ace Premier made are in too. All that's left are visual stuff, fixing the Red Mountain rope bug (if you go to the very end of it, you... fly? and you fly to the NEXT rope lol), and maybe the new Big moveset. I don't have a coder for it yet, but if you have the skills and are interested in making it, then hit me up! Also you can still be a tester if you want.
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Here are also 2 screenshots! :P


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Not a progress report, but I've uploaded a video of the mod on my YT channel! You can see how is a stage of the mod like in motion... as a certain later-made fast rat.
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It's been a bit... starting May with a small progress report!

New sprites for the Destroy All Badniks sign and the Danger sign (the Hot Shelter box got changed too but only as a test to see if it will make it)! Well, they weren't recently made. They were made by ItsEmily for the cancelled SADX port. I asked for permission to use them and she granted it, along with the sprites! I also made the Knuckles Gargoyles into custom objects. Red Mountain also has an exit for Multiplayer, so that it is possible to beat it as ALL players. Also made some texture alignment tweaks and made a bunch of walls in Emerald Coast unclimbable to reduce cheesing. Also I put thok barriers in Ice Cap in place of invisible walls, so you can't climb on nothing anymore! I decided to just... scrap releasing the mod with different Big abilities. Maybe they'll get in an update if anything.

The mod is now 99% done!​

It's very likely gonna release this month! I hope you guys will enjoy the final product!


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Emerald Coast's skybox is now widened and the map uses the newly created water in it instead of the Horizon Effect. This makes the map look better in OpenGL than the previous version with the effect (no more blue water on the horizon!). Also, scrolling waters! The map is now... I'd say done. Just 2-3 stuff left on the to-do list...


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Emerald Coast's skybox is now widened and the map uses the newly created water in it instead of the Horizon Effect. This makes the map look better in OpenGL than the previous version with the effect (no more blue water on the horizon!). Also, scrolling waters! The map is now... I'd say done. Just 2-3 stuff left on the to-do list...
tree from nghz (neo green hill zone) hype

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