Introduce your mods! (if you even created any)


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I've created a few mods here and there, most of which were super amateur. Will seperate some mods into categories.

Category 1 (Tried To Release)

TotallyNotSonic! (TotallyNotSonicV1.pk3) - My first ever mod, a cobalt recolor of the Blue Blur, or ehrm Cobalt Blur? Called TotallyNotSonic as a hit at my own face, as in "It's a recolor of Sonic, so... It's Totally Not Sonic!" This dudes stats were wonky! Dash Mode (Yeah alright...) and CA_HOMINGTHOK?!? (Didn't mix well with Dash Mode, I must say)

EspioInvis (CL_EspioInvis.pk3) - Yeah wrong tagging, no version number how amateur lol. Anyways one of my first shots at Lua, turns the Espio addon invisible on a press of Custom 1! The code here is a snippet of code from my Modern Knuckles Mod, which is still in development btw. Rejected since "Espio already has base invisibility" Even though when this was released Espio was broken in BattleMod.

Category 2 (Simple Edits)

Neo Sonic (VCL_NeoSonic-v1.13.pk3) - A lazy edit I decided to do for fun, making Neo Sonic more like Modern Sonic. Delf's Lightdash Lua and Boost Lua, Gamynola's footsteps mod, Motdsporks SLW bounce to work as a stomp, and some Junichi Kanemaru voicelines replacing some SFX of Neo Sonic, just like the Boost instead of sounding like a shockwave it's Junichi yelling "gooo!" the Homing Attack SFX, being Junichi saying "Twah!" or "Ha!" The skid effect being "Huht!" the realesed spindash being DSGOODJ from Modern Sonic's SFX. Did not release due to a super high chance of being rejected because of only using reusable Lua, and being an edit of Neo without perms.

Category 3 (Work In Progress)

Modern Knuckles (CL_ModernKnucklesV1.pk3) - My biggest mod yet! A work in progress one, started of as a Knuckles with reusable Lua which I thought about giving edited Vanilla Knux sprites for sprites, turned out to be a whole new Character, with tons of iterations of sprite styles, with new code to be written (hopefully) by PrBlaster.

Funni: Started out modding due to me being bored and just frustrated, I really did not want to just sit there waiting for new content to release, I wanted to make my own, for the community
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Already released:
Sebo2205's Custom Hud Thing - A thing i made a while ago, replaces the game's hud with my own made entirely with lua

SKBean - My first character mod, based on a sonic fangame i never finished

Sebo2205's Luan't Hud - We don't talk about this one

Jelly Tails - Tails but he go b o in g

In development:

UrMom-Entum (yes, it's really called that) - A momentum mod thingy I've been working on for a while. Adds a few more visual effects, increases gravity and mid-air mobility and modifies some character abilities, currently I've only done changes to Sonic, Tails and Amy

Sebo2205's Custom Hud Thing (v2.0) - A rewrite of the mod that makes it easier to add custom elements and has not nearly as messy code as v1.x


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Note that all of these are on hiatus.

Max Control Pack:
- Basically meant to give the vanilla cast diversity of moveset. On hiatus with MCTails WIP.
Demo Quest Zone:
- Put together all of Beta Quest (from SRB2:TP, original maps released by SSNTails) into one single map, secrets included. Meant solely to demonstrate how big a SRB2 map can be, uniquely horrible to play.
Super Whirlwind Jump:
- Part of a never released mod that I released seperately. Gives Tails a super form with a revised version of his old Match mode ability.
PiSRB2 Air Drill:
- Part of the same never released mod. Revises the hardcoded Air Drill ability to be actually usable.
SRB1 Shield Abilities Pack
- Attempt to bring over the shield abilities from Sonic Robo Blast v1.4.
- Spritual successor to the SADC which I hosted.


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All of my mods on my old account got rejected lol. Gonna release Tailless again, and see what a mod says, (but this time its gonna be good.)
Edit: Back then I was also working on an SRB2 mappack thats really ez


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Could you send them here so we could check 'em out?
My mappack is on my Windows laptop, which I was in the middle of kind of fixing, and Tailless (betas) are in Google Drive, which I'm going to be using one to finish it. One was based off of SRB2Tuber, SonicKid Gaming, got rejected since it was (atm) a recolor. Another one (not really a mod) got rejected due to the title persuading a judge to not accept it. And another mod I'm working on is a remaster of old (and pretty bad) sprites, I'll show some when I finish the idle.

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I've been working on a character mod for what honestly feels like forever. The playable slicer mod finally starts to be in a releasable state, though
still lacking the few abilities I was intending for it to have because Lua troubles (Air Melee, Spin), so the current working one uses the Amy Melee, Jump Boost & a custom dash as Special 1 from which the Spin is intended to be accessible from in the future.

Haven't released the working version yet, though I'm planning to once I find the motivation to go through with it.
Regarding Kart mods, I noticed a rather concerning lack of Kinmoza and Gochiusa on the forums and decided to have a go at fixing the problem. Thus, spaceman's_garage_of_infernal_contraptions.characterpack came to be! The characters don't have the best-looking sprites on the message board, but a very important batch of slice-of-life characters is now available to play at last. And to spice things up, there are also a few bonus characters with no real general theme between them.


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As of now, I have released only two mods to the Message Board. I had other mods that I was hoping to release, but plans fell through when they were both rejected for reasons I can most certainly understand.

My current mod is the Extra Life character, currently at v1.2.1. The mod adds a Sonic doppelganger from Fleetway Editions' "Sonic the Comic" series. It's obvious the mod was pretty lazily made, but I'm hoping to change that with v2, the next big update.

My other mod was made before Extra Life, and that was the Golden Crawla mod. It's basically just a Crawla enemy that drops rings on defeat. The idea behind the enemy actually came from one of the 2.2 devlogs, where a joke file named "goldencrawla.soc" was featured in one of the screenshots.

Now, for the rejected ones. This should be quick.

The Nintendo Hedgehog System was a simple palette swap to make everything look more 8-bit, as if it came straight from the NES. Rejected because it didn't do too much to stand out from other NES palette mods.

The other mod was one that added an 8th Multiplayer Special Stage, designed with the intent of being the hardest to get through (mostly as Sonic). Rejected as it was only accessible from the console instead of Level Select, and crashed the game upon trying to load the next Special Stage, as it was set to be the first, and the map number was 67, which meant the game checks for map 68, which doesn't exist. (thank you to the Judges for pointing these issues out!)

I might consider fixing what I did wrong with MP Special Stage 8 and re-submit it, but right now I don't think that'll happen. As for NHS, there's no chance for that to get on the MB.

dang i felt like i was writing a poem this entire time lmao


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My current mod is the Extra Life character, currently at v1.2.1. The mod adds a Sonic doppelganger from Fleetway Editions' "Sonic the Comic" series. It's obvious the mod was pretty lazily made, but I'm hoping to change that with v2, the next big update.
Hey Ruby, I have some suggestions, both joke and nonjoke for him. Is it alright if I do say?


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Well, voices was my first addon around Mid-August 2022. It was before Staromenutm since I didn't think anything to my mind, until. Staromentum was released also around in Late-November in 2022


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My first addon is an April Fools Day celebratory mod, featuring Sanic. My next addon was a ring (and sound) replacement mod called Pac-Dots! I'm planning on doing something big for my 3rd addon.


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I made a SRB2 FNF mod.
My mod is called "CL_Axel.pk3"
Ability 1: can throw phones
Ability 2: can float with T pose
Ability 3: can use a peel-out (Same as Sonic lol)
Version: 1
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