I need help making a metal sonic mod because i am bad at the game.

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So... can you give more information?
Like what do you need help with? Why did you post a Jeck Jim model?


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By the way, Metal Sonic is already in the game! ...you unlock him by beating the game. Git gud until then, I guess. Unlockable spoilers


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...So what's the problem, what are you trying to do here?
Are you asking for help to make a Metal Sonic model?
Trying to make a mod that unlocks Metal Sonic upon loading it?
Making a character inspired by Metal Sonic or gives Metal Sonic a custom moveset?

You're gonna have to explain what you want here, then we can help you.


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I need a metal sonic mod
That... is barely specific, If you mean by the current 2.2 Metal sonic you have to beat the game like antonretrojr just said, so you better start playing my man. though from what I'm guessing what you are saying there are still a few metal sonic mods,
1. SSNMetal Sonic
2. Rocket Metal
3. Metal Sonic (2.1 port) [I can't find this one but it is in here]


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So let me see what's going on here...

This user wants a mod to ply as Metal Sonic because they cannot defeat Metal Sonic to unlock him normally. I'm afraid we cannot help you in that regard, you will just have to play better! But you can learn how to do that by watching others play. Check out peoples' playthroughs on Youtube for ways to beat the final stretch of the game. I'm sure you can do it if you just keep trying!

In the meantime, I'll just be locking this up, as making a whole mod just to play as a character already in the game is rather excessive of a resolution...
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