I cannot load the SRB2 SRB1 remake mod on Android.

I_Error(): Internal game map 'MAPA1' not found

I_ShutdownGraphics(): shut down
Shutting down joy system
I_Joystick: SDL's Joystick system has been shutdown
I_ShutdownTcpDriver: shut down
I_ShutdownSystem(): end of logstream.
Please attach the log file itself rather than just copying a portion of it.
Log file? This game has log files?
Yeah. It's what's in your logs folder.
Then apart of the map must be missing if it's saying that.
That's not it at all. With all due respect I don't think you understand what's going on here. The remake's MB page itself explains what the issue is.

For some reason when I click a file, the game crashes on Android
May I ask why you are loading the multiplayer version and not the singleplayer version?

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