How do YOU pronounce Hydrocity Zone?


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Every Sonic fan,being either a veteran playing Sonic ever since Sonic 1 on Gensis,or the people who recently became the fans of the franchise,come across a topic which is talked about ever since Sonic 3. The pronounciation of Hydrocity Zone.

There are 2 ways of pronouncing it:

1. Hydro City as 2 words(which i prefer more than second one)
2. Hydrocity in 1 word like "velocity"

Few fans argue if either the first one or the second one are correct,so im bringing this topic up. You can say either the first way or the second one is your prefered way of pronouncing it,and i wont have any problem with it.

hyd - pronounced like the past tense of "hide"
roc - the word you say before "and Stone"
ity - pronounced similar to "kitty"
Either one is appropriate for me. If I encounter two people who pronounce it differently, I'll know what they're talking about. It's the whole pronunciation of Caribbean thing; the exact same.
sometimes i say it either way, sometimes i refuse to say it at all, sometimes i even call it completely different names like "water city" or "wetropolis"
One word: Hydrocity. Calling it "Hydro City" (two words) just never made any sense to me.... Because it's not a city. But HYDROCITY makes sense. Like hydro (meaning water) plus velocity (obviously, it's a Sonic level with fast, winding paths). I've never necessarily been bothered by the use of "Hydro City" (if you call it that, that's completely fine), but Hydrocity just feels... right.
SEGA themselves keep flipflopping on whether it's hydro city or high-drocity distinguished by there either being a space between hydro and city, or simply just combining it into hydrocity. Sometimes they treat one as official, then the other, swapping out from game to game and even back and forth within Sonic Origins.

As such, I prefer to do the same, swapping between the two depending on my mood. Growing up I always called it Hydrocity, but I mostly prefer Hydro City these days. I'll often start by calling it that, and then if I'm in the mood I'll just swap around back and forth as I see fit.

It drives some people absolutely mental, which is pretty funny.

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