How do i get SRB2 on my 2ds xl?


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I’ve been thinking of doing it for a while now. But the tutorial said to put the srb2 folder in another folder. But i didnt see that folder. I may also not have all the things i need in the srb2 folder: can ya help?


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Can you clarify what your layout looks like? You dont need to send me a screenshot just a general idea of what you have


The last version supporting 3DS is 2.1.21. There is no currently known way to port later version because of missing renderer(yes that license violation) and nothing is done to port it because of niche public and 2.2 needing a lot of optimisation to make it work on new 3DS.


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I don't think it's IMPOSSIBLE, in fact there are a large number of games that have been ported to 3DS. :shitsfree:

As far as I know, the game would have to be converted to a single .cia file, if trying to do it from Homebrew;


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Well first you will need an Australian or British Mario 64 copy then you'll have to go to the fountain that says "L Is Real" And then you'll have to spin around it until you unlock Luigi, then you'll have to look at the sky outside the castle and there you go, you have srb2 on the ps2

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