how do I do the 2d mode thingamajig

Are you wanting to make a 2d level? Then I recommend going to this page on the SRB2 Wiki and downloading the example level. Open zone builder and open that map in there. You should be able to examine the lindefs and see how they works. Rather than trying to explaining myself, I think this may help you more and also I am away from my computer. Good luck and happy level making.
May I ask, are you having trouble loading the level into Zone builder? I should near my home computer later, if you are still having trouble and I could try to help further then.


mapper and amateur spriter
first of all do a structure like this
Sin título.png

then, do 2 control sectors,like this,i like to use triangles, if you want you can use squares or any other shape
Sin título.png

now, right click a linedef of the triangle and put this action:linedef type 432 (it has to be tagged 0)
Sin título.png

yay!,now we are finished with that linedef, lets pass to the next :threat:
Sin título.png

then in the other one put action 300 or 301 and tag it with the number you want(if you want a new one just press new in the identification part).
ok that's all with the linedefs to enter 2d,now mark the wanted sector with the tag you gave your linedef executor.
Sin título.png

well the enter sector is done but don't forget to mark it with special 64
now do the same with the exit sector (obviously with a different tag)
Sin título.png

in this part now put exit 2d to make it exit 2d mode,welp,thats all i can help,hope it works

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