How did you found sonic?

my big brothor show me sonic dash and by that day i stil sonic fan (maybe that happen when i was 6? 5??)
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I also play Sonic since I was a baby. I found it on the ps2, but when I was younger I could only play the classics, through emulators
Sonic Mobile games when I was younger, as that's the only device I had at the time lol.
Sonic Mobile games when I was younger, as that's the only device I had at the time lol.
that must had suck On my phone I now play, Sonic jumps, Sonic Dash
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Okay FINEEEEE i tell the truth I found sonic on sonic pin ball commercial and on then on the game cube
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When I mean game cube in 2000 I meant 2002
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the mobile sonic cd port, i had it on a tablet and when the sonic cd port was about 2 - 3 years old edit: no It was 2 month old not 2 years
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Sonic Colours back in 2010.
Great game, that's all I have to say. :D
I have a fond but really fuzzy memory of playing sonic colors with my cousins when i was little. A couple years later, when my family had access to the internet (including me) mostly youtube showed me sonic (and a little of sonic robo blast 2 thanks to a couple of youtubers i watched back then that dont really upload anymore sadly) anyways, i was instantly hooked! And i really wanted to play sonic the hedgehog for myself! and one day i got the mobile ports of sonic 1 and 2 (by christan whitehead) and later on Christmas i got sonic lost world for the WII U and i absolutely loved that game! Last year i got my hands on sonic robo blast 2 and ive been loving that game ever since!
Found a cheap CD full of Megadrive ROMs and an Emulator years ago, stores used to sell those cheap around here, played through every Sonic game on it, eventhough I didn't finish any of them I remember being impressed by 3D Blast, fast forward weeks later I decided to look up 3D Sonic games on google and discovered Sonic Adventure DX, downloaded the demo and enjoyed it enough to want to play the full game so I decided to search for the full game and I ended up downloading a copy that played Windy Valley music in every area of the game, kind of funny, but I didn't care because I just wanted to play the game.

Eventually youtube started showing me so many video recommendations of Sonic games and I remember coming across this video and thinking the game looked very interesting, loved the way it looked and the way it played and decided to read the comments, and that's how I discovered SRB2. been following the series closely ever since.
My first encounter with the blue hedgehog was, when I played arcade port of Sonic the Hedgehog (not confusing with SegaSonic the Hedgehog from 1993) at vacation as kid, then I only knew existence of other games through game magazines, didn't have any SEGA consoles. I truly get into Sonic games, during GameCube era beginning with Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.
simple one day my mother bought me Sonic Heroes for ps2 because she liked the cover

I remember playing as Team Chaotix and Team Sonic but my game was never saved because I didn't have a memory card I could only get to rail canyon before my brother asked to play. I remember spending most of the level catching the other characters in the buttons to be able to play as tails

after that I played Sonic 1 and Sonic Megamix in my grandfather's genesis and the other classics in emulator
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