How did you discover Sonic?

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Ylo conocí jugando Sonic 2 con mi hermano que lo terminamos para mí los juegos clásicos mi favorito es Sonic 2 por los buenos momentos que me dió y cuando lo termine con mi hermano


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I played Sonic 4 a while back, which is how I discovered Sonic for the first time. Then I forgot about it, but I got Sonic Colours on the DS a few years after that, and that's how I rediscovered Sonic. I've played Sonic ever since then, including now, where currently I've made a few mods for SRB2, each getting better in quality. So there's my answer.


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I Went to Gamestop To Purchase Sonic 3 to "Surprise" him


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My mom told me I've been a Sonic fan since I was 5 (so, 10 years), so all I can say(let alone remember) is that my first exposure was probably a bunch of flash Sonic games on free online Sonic game websites(like or or game oldies which i used to love so much).


i watched my cousin play unleashed (and i even tried one of the werehog stages for bit but failed miserably), then in 2012 i got generations on steam


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With fan animation
And let's play.

Although at first it was a "sonic vore animation"

well thanks You!... Tube
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When it first came out in 91. I was 7 years old and we got it for Christmas.

I still find it really cool that people are still only just now discovering the blue blur. talk about a massive catalog to dig into!


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i don't remember what year this was or how old i was but the first sonic game i remember playing was Sonic 2 on my old tablet and i remember playing as Tails and dying so much on Chemical Plant Zone

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i just remember of liking sonic when i haved 3-5 years,and if im not wrong my first game was sadx or sa2b (i dont remember right but this is one of my first games sooo idk)


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I'm honestly not sure exactly when I first started getting into the Sonic franchise.... I've been playing Sonic games for as long as I can remember, most notably Sonic Unleashed on X-Box 360 and Sonic Classic Collection on Nintendo DS. Since then, I've really gotten into the series, playing just about every game I can find. 3D Blast, Spinball, Mania, Generations, Triple Trouble, Frontiers.... I've always been a fan, and while the series has definitely hit some rough patches, I intend to stay with it for years to come.

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