How can I place a bridge over water?


I opened a new project in Zone Builder yesterday to create a level that I want to do completely. The beginning of the first act I want to make sure that sonic quickly raced through the construction of bridges across the lake-like sector. But when I set the linedef of one of the control sectors to another tag, a bridge appeared, and the water under it disappeared. It's probably something else entirely. Tell me, how can I make sure that there is water under the bridge?

I could of course attach screenshots of this place at the level, but my profile doesn't have enough rights, most likely. If you can help with this problem, I will be grateful. If something is wrong, tell me where to write this thread.


You will need to tag both the control linedef for the bridge and the control linedef for the water to the target sector. If your original water tag was 1, for example, and your bridge tag is 2, you can split the water control linedef so that one of them is tagged 1 and the other is tagged 2.
Make sure both the water and the bridge control sector linedefs share the same tag if you want them both to appear in the same sector, for example: Linedef Action 121 with tag 5 and also Linedef Action 100 with tag 5 will make them both appear at the same time in the sectors that are tagged 5.


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Have you watched the Zone Builder Tutorial series? If no, then you should, it'll teach you a lot. The second part includes a segment addressing your very problem, having a sector with two FOFs at once (one water, the other a platform above water).

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