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Omochao is that chao robot who's seen at the Chao Race entrances in Sonic Adventure, and the same one who can be found in various action stages in SA2. He is so goddamn annoying.

Well, the English one is, anyway. The Japanese one isn't all that bad.
Hi, im omochao!

Hi, Im Omochao! Im here to Help!

*Picks Omochao up, Shakes*

DooDooDoo....hey...this is pretty fun!
Omochao:please stop, your hurting me!

Me:Oh, you have no feelings, your a robot. *Tosses down a cliff while dancing* Yay!

Omochao: Nooooooooo!!!!!!
Those we're some good days....
He would recite the following words over and over again: "Hi, Im Omochao, Im here to help you!" Whilst Yuji Naka goes insane, and Jun Senoue throws his guitar out the window screaming, and all the others are yelling, "SHUT UP!!!" While Crush 40's tour is cancelled because of Jun Senoue's large Migraine.

That's what would happen.


And there would be no more amazing Super Sonic battle music thanks to that oxymoron and that random Sonic Team employee who created him.

Meanwhile, I guess he would be a much better employee at that company who created the horrible Superman on the N64.
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