Help, im trying to play with a friend with 2 mouses and 2 keyboards


So i get this error thats called "ERROR: Can't open COM1: error 2, ive been trying to find something in the wiki and nothing, i activated the mouse thingy of the player 2 controls and it shows that on the console, any way how to fix it? i tryna play splitscreen
i doubt that you can use two mouses at once on the same PC or device, as that would require a big ass technical gymnastic, and a lot of stuff to make it work fairly fine, as PCs by themselves are made to only use one.

If you wanna play with a friend or family locally, its encouraged to use a controller as the second player's controls, or alternatively, limit yourself and the other player to one half of the keyboard, and the other half for the other player, if both will use keyboard.

And if you have two keyboards, you can do the exact same but on different keyboards, to save the trouble of the space, trying to fit two persons on the keyboard

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