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This mod is a remake for a mod i was working and got some progress!
what’s dx stands for
¡ts a character
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)em0 1. The M0d Uses S0me PlaceH0lders f0r s0me anims they are just the 0ld an¡ms fr0m the 0r¡g¡nal m0d
they d0nt match the new artstyle. ¡ kn0w but ¡t w¡ll change when the art ¡s f¡n¡shed


  • CL_DX_X-v2.0.pk3
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Hi, original creator of the mod here, if you'd like to know why i'm here, I was the original creator of the mod, and I passed on the mod to SRB2Nextbots because I probably wasn't going to finish it up. I can tell this remake is going to be great.
changed the mod's name to Glitcher X. cuz the mod is no longer based on fnf's DX.

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