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What the title says. Share a random fun fact here. Just a random idea I had.

To start:
There is a technical difference between violet and purple: violet is an actual wavelength of light, purple is the perceived mixture of red and blue. Purple is not an actual color, just an illusion generated by a quirk of how we detect color. After all, the color wheel isn't accurate to how color actually works, since the visible light spectrum doesn't wrap back around.
In this topic, the primary colors of the eye/pixel and the primary colors of painting are different. The eye's primary colors are red, green, and blue (hence RGB). Painting has red, yellow, and blue.

Post your own!

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On the topic of colors; Pink and Brown are not distinct, unique colors. They are, in fact, shades. Brown is a dark red and/or orange, and pink is light red.

Another piece of useless trivia: The Demoknight in TF2 is the only subclass different enough from it's base class in gameplay to be arguably considered it's own full class. It does not use either of the typical primary or secondary weapons of a Demoman, and there are many melee weapons that can be shared between classes. This contrasts from other subclasses such as Trolldier and Fat Scout which are more player mentalities than they are drastic changes to the loadout.

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In the King of Fighters '95, we got Omega Rugal as the final boss in that game. However, this wasn't always the plan. Before Omega Rugal, the plan was for Rugal to fuse himself with Geese and Krauser, resulting in the very cursed Rugal Infinity.


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Just remembered another thing of note with colors that ties back in the purple thing: Magneta is similar, in that it only exists as a quirk of the human eye.

Magneta, to the human eye, is the absence of green.

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Another fun fact: In recent decades much doubt has been shed on the matter as to what dinosaurs actually looked like when they were alive. A popular example of this is some depictions of popular dinosaurs having feathers and brightly colored scales, but others have also pointed out that they might have had features such as bloated bellies. There's even this depiction of a baboon drawn under the traditional mentalities of drawing dinosaurs just by looking at their bones/fossils.

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On the Earth's map, there are four points that lay exactly in-between the equator, a pole, the prime meridian, and the 180th meridian (or roughly also the International Date Line); as they lie on 45th parallels north & south and on 90th meridians west & east, they are called the "45×90 points". The prime meridian is kind of an arbitrary line, versus the equator being something based on the planet's axis, and I'm confident anybody born in Greenwich would have the capacity to push pencil and write a 5-paragraph essay on the significance of their town being the basis for deciding where an invisible geographical line shall be

By far the most frequented 45×90 point is 45°N, 90°W. These coordinates place it smack-dab in central Wisconsin within the unincorporated community of Poniatowski, which is otherwise just representative of the normal lowly-populated farming-galore fare in the state. I myself have actually visited this spot with my mom and brother one day in August of 2016, motivated probably from me learning about it and why it's so special, and how relatively not far of a drive it was from where we were living at the time. I documented my visit in a few ways:


Originally, there was this sign I took a picture of that's been there since decades prior, which conveniently was located in a little bitty "park" off the side of the road and not especially jutting into the expanse of field it's surrounded by.
Here's also a video I captured of the location, showcasing the marker on the ground in front of the sign. Now... I then went to motion my phone camera to the left of the sign and zoomed in on a portion of the field way beyond the fence... since, for context, the true actual point is located about 0.2 of a mile/over a thousand feet/more than 0.3 of a kilometer/etc. into these people's private field... and we skirted through the trees and the edge of the field to reach it because we were that determined, lol.

As proof we physically stood on the legit point, I screenshotted the GPS app I was using to close in further during our mini-hike. There it be, perfectly even and zeroed-out.

It was a really neat endeavor to make that effort and reminisce on what I think was a well-spent day together. That still also was our only time we paid this place a visit. We definitely should again, especially now that as of 2017, the next year funnily enough, there's a proper park with a walkway and some benches that was constructed for visitors to reach a more accurately-placed new marker. I am glad the farmer(s) seemingly were understanding about why this is a big deal and let up a bit of the field for the Park Commission to go forward with the relocating. Hey, good to have trekked through crop before it was cool!

We later found the place in town where we could join the "45×90 Club" by writing our names in the registration book to further mark our visit, and after becoming "members" we received a coin, which I imaged for this post since I hadn't before:

And again with the revamps, the coin as well appears to have gotten a new look in 2017, made of a different metal and has a cool design of the Earth on one side with coordinates for where in North America this imaginary intersection is.


So, that's probably all I have to mutter about the northwestern 45×90 point. The only other point that's found on land is the northeastern one, or 45°N, 90°E, located in northwest China near the Mongolian border. If you want, I really recommend reading this story about how someone ever managed to get there.

Both of the southern points are located in ocean water, hundreds of miles from any semblance of land. 45°S, 90°E has some noteworthiness as it was one potential site in the vast Indian Ocean that was searched to determine where, in its fate, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 may have disappeared.


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Fun fact, if you lose 100 rings in SRB2, you can only get a total of 32 rings back at most.

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I ain't a smart fella, so have obvious fun facts:
The things at the bottom of shoes are called aglets
Some pen caps have holes in them so if they were swallowed, the person wouldn't choke on them. They'd atleast be able to breathe
A kangaroo can pause its pregnancy
Nothing starts with N and ends with G
Cheetahs make the most adorable noises.
Female hyenas can grow a fake weenor to give birth. Sometime the baby hyenas suffocate unfortunately.
The Friday Night Funkin devs released that the beta version of gf's sprites was supposed to contain her switching her legs over the other. During this, you'd think there was supposed to be the (nono spot) but there was a sort of void with sparkles.
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Fun facts about Sonic 1(Some of you might know this,but anyways):

Eggman in Sonic 1 was originally going to have a bee suit,and not be a main villain.

Speaking of Eggman,he was originally going to be the main portagonist,however due to Sega thinking it wouldnt be appropriate for kids,his rule was changed.

The plot of Sonic 1 was originally kinda same as Super Mario Bros: Here is a hero,someone kidnapped a close friend(or girlfriend to Sonic),GO.In this case,Sonic's girlfriend was called Madonna and she would be a human.

4.(Many ppl know this,but still)
Sonic's design had a LOT of concepts,like him being an armydilloan bunny and more.

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