Frank's Custom Colors (FCx2)

Frank's Custom Colors (FCx2) v1.1


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REN's Custom Colors (RCx2) - They're colors, what did you expect?

okay so this is a reupload since I forgot to show the skincolors in it, somehow))

Didn't make it past releases? Not this time!

Anyway, these are some skincolors I made. Use them in your server or whatever but they're not reusable so don't go putting them in your mods all willy nilly.
There are 3 supercolors and 16(?) normal colors. Yes, there are 30 freeslots. Yes, I packed this into a pk3 even though there's only 1 Lua being used. Will there be a problem? No. Unless I forget something...

Also ignore the really shitty icon, I made it in FireAlpaca in like a couple seconds
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it is here

Release v1.1


- Changed name from REN's Custom Colors to Fang's Custom Colors.
- Added 13 new normal colors:
  • Forceful
  • Mustard
  • Phantom Ruby
  • Exception
  • Sonic 1 Blue
  • Sonic 2 Blue
  • Sonic 3 Blue
  • Rose Grass
  • Mold
  • Baby Blue
  • Nearest Hue
  • Avocado
  • Cheesy/Vigilant
- Updated Santiago.
- Changed Neo Green's invcolor to Violet.
- Changed Neutral's invcolor to Salmon.
- Gave more of the old colors unique invshades, since all of them were 9 for some reason.

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