Favorite food?


Yes, I know there are multiple threads like this, but they are old and closed, so here's a new one.
Soup: Bean soup
In general: Kasha (Grechka)
Fast food: Pizza, burger, french fries
I also like mashed potatoes with either schnitzel or fish.


literally all berries are exquisite I can't think of a single berry I wouldn't munch on idk they're just ALL great i can't choose


(if you think bananas are berries or strawberries aren't just be a normal person and accept that small tasty plant things are berries please)


soup: a soup that my grandma makes, which consists of regular ingredients, chicken (sometimes lamb meat), and vegetables like potatoes and sliced carrots.

in general: a nice bowl of rice and oven-cooked chicken (with seasoned skin).

fast food: burgers (mostly chicken, sometimes beef), fries, chicken nuggets, pizza, and subway sandwiches.

also nothing can beat the taste of literally any medium-rare steak.


For The Win!
Soup: Panera bread’s broccoli & cheese soup,
General: Mac and cheese, whoppers shell fish and twizzlers
Junk food: Pizza, burgers, ramen. There’s more that I like but these I prefer most!


jumpzcarez you with my pfp
choozing my favorite iz hard ngl..... but recently i tried zome burritoz my neighbor made and it tazted amazing! :D
(i forgot to azk what kind they were though </3)

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