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emerald's special stage

Well! This is unexpected... I never thought I would be posting this but...
This is all I have for now. (its unfinished, the
css is a sketch)
I'm trying to manage making Funkin' vs the Corruption (AN FNF PROJECT IM WORKING ON)
While also making mods for SRB2. (ughhghghg. haven't said SRB2 in a while. sorry)
tbh i rlly have no ideas for this guy, he looks cool tho so maybe you can kick enemies? i dont know, but for now, maybe spin kick. jump and if there's an enemy nearby you can press the spin button in the air to kick on them, ill try and use adobe animate later and show off what it might look like lol
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so after a WHOLE 5-6 MONTHS OF QUITTING SRB2, im gonna try scripting again.
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