Eh... ya might already know this, but Takashi Iizuka just confirmed Sonic Adventure III (3).


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Yes I'm doing Roman numerals now. Deal with it.

Also, If SAIII is finally happening, why not remake the first two like they were in 2015?!?!?


yeah i'm not getting hyped til i see something concrete. at this point it just feels like a ploy to get adventure fans to buy frontiers since izuka's probably aware its yet another tone deaf sonic-only subgenre shift that strays even further away from what fans liked about the adventure era.

sa1's physics are maybe the best thing about it and why it's so replayable. its so unhinged that if you try, you really can do anything. such a breath of fresh air from the modern games which barely have physics at all. and is exactly why i'm just not yet invested in how modern sega would handle sa3 considering how far the modern games are willing to go to make the gameplay as stiltied and tepid as possible so snarky journos can't brush the game off as "jank" cause they died once or something
also i looooooove sa1's artstyle and they absolutely would muck that up at the very least considering what already happened with sadx.
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For clarification, he's stated that he wants to do SA3 at some point, and more recently in an interview he mentioned (and I'm paraphrasing) that we would get SA3 eventually. However, this is not a hard confirmation, and is still very much a "Maybe" more than it is an "This is absolutely happening". It is at least much more likely now than it has been in the past, so there's that. It's clear that he wants to get fans hyped up for such a thing.


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Chances of it are 1%.Since Sonic Frontiers is in the works,and they dont want to make it look crap like Sonic Forces,its development might take loooooong.Even if they finish it,they might not do it.

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