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Pineapple on pizza rocks
-Pizza is one of the most versatile and varied foods in the world. From New York to Chicago, and everything in between, there are so many styles that you’d be forgiven for being overwhelmed. After all, there are extensive options that you can choose from to add on top of your pizza, almost all of them savory vegetables and proteins.
-There has always been one outlier of an ingredient that has caused more debate than whether or not to fold your slice. That’s pineapple as a topping on pizza. The truth is that this sweet fruit has no business on pizza, and everyone knows it, but for those who need explained in detail, here is why pineapple should not be on pizza. ----->

Pizza is often credited as being an Italian tradition that dates back to Napoli, where it was originally close to a flatbread. Today, Neapolitan pizza has a set of standards that need to be reached. This even includes exact measurements like a 35 cm diameter and a crust 1-2 cm tall.

In America, there were two main waves of pizza. The first was from Italian immigrants, who would eat a variation of pizza in cities like New York. The second came after World War II, when American GIs returned home.

Over time, there have been several variations on pizza. New York Style is often credited as being the most traditional in America, which is known for being easy to grab and eat when you’re on the go.
Basically, it starts with dough, has a tomato sauce added, and then cheese and other toppings you may want are added on top. Then, you bake it. This is the traditional image of pizza that was passed down by Italian immigrants in American cities.

Other cities, like Chicago, developed their own styles. Chicago Style is known as deep dish, and it’s closer to a pie than a pizza. It requires a fork and knife, and tradition says that UNO’s pizza came up with the recipe during WWII, but it has been said it was around as early as 1926. Other styles of pizza include Detroit, Sicilian, and New Haven-style pizzas.

No matter what style the pizza is, however, there are always a few similarities that follow. The bottom layer is a crust, followed by the savory sauce. It’s worth pointing out that some New Heaven Pizzas break from the tomato sauce for a white sauce.

-There is only one topping that isn’t savory, that’s pineapple, and it widely needs to be forgotten as a topping, remembered only as a mistake. But how did we get here? How did pineapple end up on pizza?

Pineapple is only regularly seen on one type of pizza, Hawaiian Pizza. Hawaiian Pizza uses ingredients that someone who has never been to Hawaii might think of as being Hawaiian, pineapple and ham, and puts them on pizza.

That isn’t to say Hawaiians don’t eat pineapple and ham, just to say that they aren’t exclusive to Hawaii and Hawaiian food is much more complex and fuller of Asian flavor than Hawaiian Pizza implies.

This disconnect comes from its origins. Hawaiian Pizza was invented in the 1960s, by a Canadian man from Ontario. His name was Sam Panopoulos. Roughly speaking, the two are 2,500 miles away.
Even more insulting than the misappropriation of cuisine, it was done with canned pineapple. It was quickly popular, for some reason, possibly due to the wave of interest in Hawaiian culture that came during the 1950s. Remember, this is the era of Elvis in Hawaii.

From there, Hawaiian pizza spread throughout North America as a widely debated addition to the menu at pizza restaurants.
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Pineapple on pizza rocks
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If you don't like pineapple on Pizza ' then you're a coward " thats all I can say.

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