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Community Encore Pack - New Encore Colors for Community Maps

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With Sonic Robot Blast 2 Kart in its fifth year, I have decided to work on and release a project I had started on late last year as a treat to the community: A brand new set of Encore color palettes for custom maps and map packs that normally don’t change colors in Encore mode.

Inside this pack, you will find Encore palettes for over 100 different maps, all designed to complement (or contrast) the themes of the original maps while still making track...

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Hotfix v1.0a

Today I've decided to release a brief update with some small post-release additions and changes.
  • Support for all three tracks in the Assault Pack has been added.
  • An Encore palette on a track that already features its own Encore palette has been removed, as it was originally created for testing purposes during the creation of this mod and was planned to be removed anyways.
  • A few minor tweaks to a small number of...

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