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i got ideas for characters!

Overdriven Metal Sonic [OMS]
Character select description =
"Metal installed a virus and now cant get out of dash mode! However, this has taken a toll on his processors. So its best to beat stages ASAP!"

overdriven metal would kinda have like a ticking meter on the top right corner of the screen like A.S.S., once this bar depletes comepletely, he die

the tip for this guy =
"Tip: if you're good at normal metal and want a challenge, play as this guy!"

near the end of the bar overdriven metals eyes would grow smaller and sparks would start flying out of him, and he would enter panic mode

Panic mode.
panic mode would make OMS faster, jump higher, but more slippery.
also when he dies in panic mode he would just explode, leaving the head on the ground.

Continue screen idea =
he would be sitting in the spotlight, with tails/eggman tinkering with his hand
then when you continue tails/egg would jump out in shock as O.M. rises up, and heads off to beat the game.

dont go super as this lad
going super would make you explode as the nuke shield effect happens and you get a game over

thats my whole idea you can use it


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