Can someone please make a SRB2 Uncapped for Android

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Do not ask people to make things for you or request mods/features
If Vintiru if reading this please make a SRB2 Uncapped for Android. I don't have a PC so this would be a lot of trouble
The thing is, even if the Android version is popular, the hardware is going to be the bottleneck here. Keeping in mind most Android phones wouldn't be able to push anything higher than 60 (at best) or even 35 (at worst, and that's being generous). Even if your hardware was good enough to get up to 60, it may not even be consistent (my PC is a good example, it was bought in 2015/2016 and can't even reach 35 in 1080p at times, so if my PC can barely hit 35 at times, your phone probably won't fair much better).
True dat
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Most phones can at least reach at 20 or lower mine reaches at 35 but cant reach 60 at times so its better you use a PC instead or just deal with 35fps
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