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Bullet Dash - No this bullet dash isn't Junio's

Better experience with mouse and vertical mouse look

Bullet Dash!
Not the one you know, but it's similar but different.

Double jump to start hovering mid-air and release to dash in the direction you are looking.
It's a short, fast dash. Can get you higher and extend jumps.
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It also doubles as a manual homing!
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You can also cancel it by landing on the ground, which can give you interesting results...

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This is a fresh addon, so bugs are to be expected, but I'm genuinely baffled. With the recommended use of the mouse, it works great! The ability itself seems fairly good. The issue is that the experience is nightmarish if you decide not to use the mouse. If you're using your arrow keys for the camera, using the Bullet Dash somehow turns the left and right arrow keys into movement keys, so no more turning the camera left and right manually. On top of that, the camera stops turning in automatic mode, so no more turning the camera period unless using the mouse! This is a vicious oversight that means having this addon loaded and playing as Sonic will force the player to have to play the game an exact certain configuration. It is not just the "recommended" set-up, it is the only way to play that isn't miserable.

It felt unfair to actually rate this based on such a vicious oversight, so I'm leaving it here instead. The addon is for the move, of course, and the move itself is actually really good! I'm pretty sure the optimal way to use it is actually with mouse movement, and using arrow keys or the spin+movement keys variation is a little slower. It's just a shame that, currently, you are actively punished for not using the mouse movement.
canceling it by hitting the ground and then immediately jumping for a massive speed boost reminds me of wavedashing in celeste lol. fun ability btw, a bit awkward that it just halts your speed when you reach where the reticle was but it works good either way.

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