Bonic the Hedgehog


This is the 3rd time im releasing this mod, but now better than ever! however i dont know how to code, so i need some help
i wanna have a trail for jump boosting, like a sonic boom of some sorts, also i wanna have the bullet dash from junio sonic, tho im not stealing junio's bullet dash, i wanna have a "recreation" of it


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If You Want A Trail For Jump Boosting Then Here You Go.🙂

The Only Thing You Have To Do This To Work Is You Have To Replace All Of The= if == "sonic" -To = if == "bonic"

Also You Have To Do All Of This In Slade.

Also How To Make Lua.🙂

Also Credit For The Mod Things That I Have Used In dreamcastedition.

Also It's Reusable.


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come on man, bonic? Im sure you can think of a better name then that

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