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Archie Sonic In Srb2: The Journey

Sonamous 47

Extremely Strong Hedgehog
I am making a brand new Thread where I post sprites, document etc. But we are here to see the very first sprite. That Rafeal helped sprite and me doing the sketches. He saw struggle since its my first time doing sprites so he helped me. I honestly owe him a lot. But thus will be used for when I make new sprites. Have Abilities in Mind. So I hope you Enjoy the Journey of me Creating the "Archie Sonic Experience in Srb2" (Sonictubers will milking that name for content lol)


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Lua coder in the making
Looks really nice! I know it's weird to say this so early in development, but I've got high hopes!

Sonamous 47

Extremely Strong Hedgehog
Alright a update. BlueBlur made some edits to the sprite and it's a lot more of the Tracy Yardley Archie Sonic look that I am going for. Ik it's pretty Mirror but more news will come soon :) (I made my own edits lol he said I could)

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