Any funny history of your childhood related to sonic?

I've been a Sonic fan since I was 5. (about 11 years now)
So...uh...I don't remember much, yet. Heh...except that I used to be really bad at the games, I'm sure-
i got introduced into sega and sonic the hedgehog when i was 3 when my dad mentioned the genesis, i heard the word and really wanted to know who sonic was and what the genesis was,
My first exposure to Sonic was when I was who knows how young, playing Mega Collection at my cousins' house.
Also, I used to call the Super Peel-Out the Top Dash, because you hold Up to use it. I was never very bright.
I remember, in 5th grade, I had just recently moved to another school, so I had no friends, and after a week, I decide to go to the art class, right? So, I see this kid, alone, just drawing, I was curious, reached out to see what he was drawing, and immediately asked: "OMG, YOU LIKE SONIC?" (He was making a Sonic drawing) And he's like: "Yeah". were best friends now.
Probably that "pingas" in The Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog. I don't remember much.
But not that that time I realised that it's from "Snooping as usual I see"
ofc i used to think tails was a girl

i thought ray the flying squirrel was actually a cat

i also thought amy was a cat

i used to draw knuckles with fingers and 5 spikes on each hand

i pissed my pants when i was 4 cuz there was a sonic exe jumpscare when me and my cousin were watching some sonic brain rot on youtube

and for some reason i was convinced sonic heroes was a 2d classic game for the sega 32x released in 1994
I was introduced to Sonic back when I watched AoStH, SATam and Underground (they were on netflix at the time) and i also played sonic dash, Funnily enough it confused me why the character i knew as "Dr Robotnik" from the cartoons was called Eggman in sonic dash

after that i forgot about sonic (more specifically i just didn't care about the games) for a while until i played the demo of Sonic Lost World on my 3DS, and then later played the mobile ports of Sonic 1 and 2

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