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*Adventure Sonic (used to be Dreamcast Sonic)*

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Is the "*" in the name added to differentiate from the other Adventure Sonic in progress here or somethin'?
That was my terrible attempt to bold the title LOL.
In fact, THIS is the first or second thread of Dc/Adventure Sonic (Before Metalwario64 and SuperPhanto).
So I guess this is an archive thread.
Metalwario64 literally did THIS EXACT THING.
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Metalwario64 literally did THIS EXACT THING.
It's final! MotdSpork, Frostiikin and a few others have decided to turn Dreamcast Sonic into ADVENTURE SONIC! Now, you may be thinking: "the heck is 'Adventure Sonic'???" Before the complete overhaul, this was originally Dreamcast Sonic. But MotdSpork told me "instead of making Dreamcast Sonic... what if we made this Adventure Sonic? Like with the best assets from both games." And so here it is now! Here's his abilities list: Homing Attack, Bounce, Spamdash, Lightspeed Dash and finally, the Lightspeed Attack.

Adventure Sonic also has grinding on minecart rails much like Modern Sonic! and the possibility of referencing poses from Adventure and Adventure 2 when Sonic hops off at the end of a rail.

Upgrades: Light Shoes, Bounce Bracelet, and finally the Crystal Ring.
oh the sonic is cool I already want to try it have a good job

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I wanna ask, is this still being worked on? Or is this like a dead project something.

I sure hope its NOT xd ( sorry for caps on not )

what i meant by "i sure hope its NOT xd" is i sure hope its NOT discontinued lol
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