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Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

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But then again, Golden did say Metal was the type of person who would put himself through hell to make a mod if he was really determined to do it, so if at any point in the future he did have the sudden urge to make an Adventure Tails mod, THERE WOULD BE NO STOPPING HIM, AND I WOULD START TO GENUINELY FEAR FOR HIM AT THAT POINT.
Though seriously he should slow down a little bit on those occasions...
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Since I never really have updated (and retitled) this thread, and a TON has happened in the time since it started, I feel it's time to finally update this thread to inform everyone where it currently stands.

After talking it over, I have finally decided that my Sonic will be:


Adventure Sonic

The coding is being handled by Golden Shine, and the project is focused almost exclusively on the Adventure games with a dash of Advance, and so far things have been going very smoothly. We're focusing on getting the feel of Adventure in a way that works in SRB2, while also attempting to provide it in a lightweight package.

Here are examples of the walk and the run animations I have:


And I'll repost this little GIF showing the running in-game:

Right now, the standing, walking, running, rolling, spring and falling animations are complete.

Things have come quite a way since I started out, tracing SADX screenshots and not knowing if I'd ever have a coder. I'm quite excited, and I hope others are as well!
This is actually nice can,t wait for this mod to come out
Just google translated your name and it's "Roasted Squid". Am I missing a reference or are you Japanese or something?
Oh I just like cute food names, like kirby has Cookie Country, Dangerous Dinner, etc. I have a few other names I go by, like パプリカ(Paprika) for an example.
I know Japanese n stuff, but I don't want to go deep into my background.
Was there any particular reason why you are asking this?


Very nice quality of life changes, I tend to dislike be forced into a helpless state, it can work for some characters because the move may be OP otherwise, so it's just balancing. But given how SA Sonic has been shown off that helpless state would feel more out of place.

This move is already shaping up to be really useful and it has so many ways to instantly go into another move as well, makes it feel like a real part of Sonic's kit, which light speed dash is cool, but it most games it has shown up in it's always felt little lackluster, this is just another move in his arsenal and that's what makes it look so good here.

Wall jumping is cool, but having the ability to gain a massive amount of upward momentum and using that to reach high places always feels more rewarding, or like you are breaking the script. Like Neo Sonic Homing attack was updated to give more height for the cost of speed when holding it down, so I can skip some platforming if I can use it creatively, seemingly the same case but dependent on ring placement you can make your own path to the goal.

I've noticed that even when you let loose he'll still cling onto rings close by, giving more flexibility and creative uses, it went from stop and go move to, stop and explode with how fast you rocket off with it, it keeps charge of SA1 but has the ability to keep momentum going or gain momentum like in SA2, but also cling onto rings more generously like you said, much like how it worked in SA1. (if bothered using it SA1 to notice it how it clings to rings other then mandatory usage) plus all the other general buff that makes it look like it's as smooth as butter to use.
Really good attention of detail combining these aspects!(I could be looking to deep into it.)
Also you play this character really well, so more gifs the better.
Where map mod
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I'll look for it, but it's on Works in Progress.
thanks for the info
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