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Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

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Despite SA-Sonic being the faster on the ground than any of the vanilla cast, the answer is for some reason no.
I didn't notice this post, thanks for playing my map.
Air movement is weird because of how wind currents work; I wasn't able to accurately recreate the physics of jumping off of a moving train, but still needed the air currents so you couldn't just bypass the whole level by jumping. Unfortunately, it ends up pushing you backwards way more than it realistically should.
Ground movement should work normally though, so I'm not sure why your spindashes weren't giving you speed.
Regular Sonic for comparison:

I'd expect SA-Sonic to have no problem passing the train with spindash uncurling. Maybe it has something to do with friction?
Of course, with great timing comes great sonic skills. Yeah I just made that up
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Hold on, that's your map?! How come I haven't played it yet?!
That's the one I mentioned eariler.
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You mean, will it be possible to pull off? Not unless you have Speed Sneakers, or have all of the Chaos Emeralds and become Super SA-Sonic. (If you're Super, the ability gets buffed)
What do you mean by that? Has the spindash been weakened?


i love how sa sonic from this addon will have stuff that are insane and ngl i have remastered sa1 and sa2 levels for srb2 and for this mod
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