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Hello, folks. I have display issues with a couple textures in ACZ1. On some roads, the double yellow lines in the middle would be misaligned, and the rope textures on some of the rope pulleys straight up don't display at all. Is this a common issue? I have a feeling the rope pulley issue is a common problem, but the road texture issue only seems to happen to me as far as I know. I tried updating my game from v2.2.8 to v2.2.9 but that didn't work. I also considered editing the maps in Zone Builder, but I couldn't open them. Is there any way to fix this?


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I would advise against editing the map yourself. Not only will that make you unable to start the game, but those bugs are not actually the map's fault.

Luckily, both issues will likely be fixed in 2.2.10.

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