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Ace Dragon's adventures in Zone Builder.

Edits to Tails to make him not near as cheap in terms of gameplay.

This in turn helps tremendously in the design of height dependent levels like Broadside Ascent (you can no longer skip huge sections due to the maximum attainable height being lowered), but it still respects the fact that Tails is the easiest of the characters. This also makes level design easier in respect to the height of sectors with the sky texture. It is possible to take the nerf a lot further, but I do not want to overdo it.

In addition, the sheer height of Broadside Ascent means a bit of work had to be done in terms of making sure the vantage points have good visuals (which is easier said than done when you have to convert ceilings in parts of the level to FoF's). I expect UDMF to make the process of doing this quite a bit easier (an example of such a vantage is below).

With 2.2.11 bringing UDMF, the road to the level pack receiving enhancements courtesy of the feature has begun.

With UDMF and the vastly improved sector handling of UZB, it is time to think less of technicalities and more about just building a world.
An update.

Through a bit of work, I managed to make every zone through Broadside Cliffs Act 1 fully beatable in UDMF. Skyward Garden also works from the beginning to the section I needed to test (because of enhancements to the level).

Broadside Cliffs Act 2 is a bit trickier, but with a bit of sector splitting and control sector rearranging it has gone to looking broken at the start to being traversable almost to the fourth starpost. Why are these big levels of mine working better and better in UDMF? We need to take into account that while the algorithm is not as smart as Zen Node, it still has to create a split at every lifedef created by the user (so by splitting sectors, you can attempt to force the algorithm to split a certain area in a certain and more robust way). In my testing this has led to better splits and broken areas being resolved. To note, Skyward Garden started off looking rather busted as well.

In short, do not minimize your sector counts for the purpose of trusting the UDMF builder, it is not smart enough to free the user from thinking how to split certain areas by hand.
Just putting these .gif animations here. They were shown first on the Discord, these are WIP shots of Greenhouse Scamper Zone in the new Ultimate Zone Builder (for the upcoming 2.2.11 UDMF release). My hope is that the developers really start to push to make the release happen soon, so I can release the new version of Creative Worlds with these changes for everyone to play.

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Stop. Barrel Time.

There will be up to a few of these things in the final parts of Greenhouse Scamper. Since this is a transitional zone that is intended to be shorter than the main ones, I will need to wrap up the layout sometime soon.
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Skyward Garden Act 2, now in progress.

Because the clouds hanging below the platforms is something that can only happen in software, it is about time I start emphasizing the idea of playing Creative Worlds on that renderer as opposed to OpenGL. The first bits to get this done has manifested by way of reducing the glitching with the greenhouses in Lawn World (which you can go to Addons & More and see for yourself).
I am going to start getting this thread caught up to what I posted in the Discord, because unlike Discord the media posted here will not get buried within days.

New zone being worked on, Wondrous Windsock. A signature graphics feature here is the endless fog water.

New badniks are coming in too. Eggman has discovered that mainly sticking with Crawlas using the A_Chase action is too trivial for Sonic and the gang.

pre-existing .gif files from Dangerous Descent zone (between Skyward Garden acts 2 and 3) will be posted soon.
Have not posted anything for the forum for a while (as opposed to Discord). A quick look at a couple of the unique challenges facing Sonic and the gang in Tidal Cliffs Zone (between Wondrous Windsock acts 2 and 3)

EDIT: The files are small enough to be forum attachments, but the system is not working well, so once again they are Imgur links.
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Work on newer zones (previously posted in the discord).


EDIT: So at one point I had trouble uploading images and no issue with updating my addon. Now at this point I have no trouble uploading images and having issues updating my addon. Until Alan gets the thing with the server sorted out, I will settle with posting the WIP release logs with what has changed for Creative Worlds 0.50.2.

  1. Upgraded beginnings for Lawn World acts 1 and 2
  2. Corrected oversights and polish in Broadside Cliffs acts 1 and 2
  3. Opened up a small area in BCZ2 previously held away by an invisible wall
  4. Tweaked the BCZ2 hang-glider code (which itself is borrowed from an unused mechanic from Sonic Team Jr.) to no longer be dependent on the player's scale. This means heavier OC's will have an easier time.
  5. Corrected oversights in Broadside Ascent zone
  6. Some BSP tree integrity work in Lawn World and Broadside cliffs
  7. Optimization for the slowest area in Skyward Garden Act 2
  8. More audible sound for the blue crawlas in Skyward Garden
  9. Upgraded the Electric Workbench zone concept (the bouncy floor from Sonic CD and shooting electric guns).
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Still can't seem to get my addon updated, so I have been doing a bit of polish in various zones (more detail, optimization, ect...). An alternative design for the lack of slope support for crumbling platforms is in for one thing (since I underestimated the time it will take for the linedef effect to work with UDMF slopes).
Addon update problems continue with the current server, so I have been going through BCZ 1 and 2 looking for anything to improve on.

I have located and resolved several more oversights that would cause visual errors in gameplay, added detail and sloping throughout, and added pedantic checks to make sure the correct skybox viewpoint is used if the player does things like reset at random times or somehow skip many of the checkpoints and then die near the end.
Response to feedback in a new review of my pack. I did in fact need to produce something to indicate which way Wondrous Windsock's wind volumes are blowing, but until now I could not think of an elegant way to show it (as the wall scrolling is not fully functional yet).


This is also considered a full-fledged UDMF object as it makes use of the new argument fields (to determine the spawn range on the XYZ axes).
Hi, I noticed I have been neglecting this thread as of late. As of this year I have been preparing Creative Worlds to have a nice release ready in conjunction with SRB2 2.2.14 (complete with heavy use of texture scaling). These .gif images have already been posted on the Discord server and now they can be seen here. Also showcased is WIP shots of Electric Workbench zone and its use of executors.


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Because Eggman (Robotnik) always has to unveil a new crawla model sooner or later (in keeping with SRB2 lore).


The nice thing about being able to use Blender for these assets, in this pack every crawla actually has key design differences and are not reskins. This one is also the first that hovers instead of rolls.

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