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Sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum, couldn't find a better one. An IP I do not recognize just made over an attempt to get into my account. Two-step verifiction saved me and I changed my password now but I thought I should alert people in case this is widespread.

Is anyone else seeing this recently? Is this just periodic thing that happens? I didn't expect SRB2 to be a major hacking target.
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I didn't expect SRB2 to be a major hacking target.
That's what every layperson thinks, and it's always wrong. It's a common misconception that hackers try to hunt just big fish, targeting them specifically. Well, that's false. There's also hackers that try to catch as many small fish as they can. They don't have a high target in their mind, they just try to hack as many people as they can, and there's never a shortage of people who don't care about their own security hygiene. I recommend you to go to the following website to learn more about privacy and security online:

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