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Yoko Shimomura
Heyo, just wanted to ask that if I'm making an addon and I'm showcasing a suitable amount of W.I.P, then am I allowed to make request for other members to assist me with my work in my editing thread on this forum (or even on Discord).

For example right now I'm making tag action abilities for the player & player-bot in srb2 and I want draw certain visuals that highlight an action, however I'm not very skilled in making sprite artwork, so I was thinking of requesting for aid in the sprite-department.

If these types of requests are allowed on the MB, then is there a certain amount of evidence of my W.I.P required before making such a request?
Also how is the evidence of my W.I.P (in quantity/quality) judged and deemed fit for a request?
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Basically, as long as you’ve shown off a functioning or close to functioning mod, you can ask help for things you have trouble with. For example, I can make a post showcasing the Chili Dog sprites I’ve made while asking for help with coding since that’s not my area of expertise.
I see thanks for the response, I currently have a bit of code done for just tags actions with Sonic or Tails. I'll prioritise finishing off code for the other characters before adding a request post + examples to an old editing thread.

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