A question about old but still functional mods: Are they still legal?


idk im just kinda chillin and lookin for cool mods
There's a possibility something like this has been asked before, but I felt like asking anyways due to my own curiosity.
Do old mods, from before 2.2, that still (mostly) work IN 2.2 still count as legal mods, or would they count as illegal and get you unlisted (or possibly banned) if you hosted with them? An example of this would be the 2.1 addon colorblink (https://mb.srb2.org/threads/colorblink.25489/). The original file works just fine in the current version of srb2 but it never was officially ported to 2.2.


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Take this with a grain of salt, but pretty sure it'll be fine, as long as you didn't modify it to work better within 2.2 or some other modification without permission from the original creator.
As someone who hosts, I ponder around this question as well, Quite sad mods are currently too blind to see these important questions. (Yo mods, No offense to you ofc but you sorta are, No disrespect, Just saying.)
The answer is rather simple, and it applies to any sort of modification of any procedence or time.

Much as Jammin' said, as long as you use the original file, and have not edited or modified it on any way, you should be still fine, thought still be careful of the consequences of using old ass addons on newer versions, as you can't expect them to work perfectly, because obvious reasons

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