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We have noticed that the initial tags on submissions tend to confuse some on what to put. Tagging is very important for searching and sorting, so they are required. This topic will help guide you on what your tags should be.

Submissions require a minimum of two tags, but meeting both is very easy. The first you add should be which SRB2 your mod is for: "srb2 [version number]", or "srb2kart [version number]". Just type "srb2" into the tags and click the one your mod supports. Your second tag should be what type of mod your tag is; if your mod is a character (be for SRB2 or for Kart), then use the tag "character", if it is a Lua script, use "Lua", and so on. You may add as many mod types as your mod has. for example, if it is a character with a Lua scripted ability, you can add "character" and "Lua" to your tags. If your mod supports a specific other mod, such as the aforementioned SRB2 Persona, or mods like SRB2 Battle, then make sure you specify those tags too, so others can find those mods when searching for more content that supports these mods!

When you get to tagging maps, there are "single map", "small map pack", or "large map pack". A "small" map pack would be more than one, but a "large" map set would vary depending on what kind of mod it is. Generally, map packs could be considered large if it is about 5 or 6 maps. Boss maps are generally considered minor and do not count, unless you have created or greatly modified the boss yourself, so a "Large" map pack for single player could be considered 3 zones with two acts and a boss each. A Kart map set could be considered "Large" if it is of at least "Cup Length" at 5 maps, even if those 5 maps are not actually in the same cup. You can always update your tags, so please update your map tag when your map pack expands in the future.

There are "Character: [character]" tags too, and these are specifically used for when a mod is about a specific character. For example, if your mod is a modification to Sonic himself, you would tag it "Character: Sonic". These are different from "Group:" tags. If your character is one of your own creations, you use the "Original Character" tag on them instead.

When it comes to "Group:" tags, these represent entire series, franchises, or even types of media. Simply typing something in tag may bring up a group tag for it, even categories like "internet", "music", or "meme". For example, if you were to submit someone like Yu Narukami from Persona 4, you would tag him "group: shin megami tensei" for the SMT franchise. If your character does not belong to an existing "Group:" tag, please specify where this character is from! Users cannot create custom tags, but we can do that for you. If your Original Character(s) has/have multiple topics related to them, then you may request a "Group:" tag for them.

A point of confusion may be things related to Sonic the hedgehog, so let's clear some things up. "Character: Sonic the Hedgehog" is for Sonic himself. "Group: Sonic the Hedgehog" is for the Sonic franchise, and is usually for characters outside of the SRB2 cast, like if you wanted to make a kart racer based on Sonic's animated cartoons. If you want the correct tag for someone already in SRB2, such as Sonic or Eggman, use the "Character:" tag instead. "Group: Sonic Robo Blast" is for mods focused on Sonic Robo Blast 1 & 2, like legacy content such as "UglyKnux" or "Earless". You do not need to apply these to every mod just because it is for SRB2, or modifies an SRB2 object. If you add a custom monitor, you do not need to put it in the Sonic Robo Blast Group, but if it is something like 1.09's Silver Ring, then that would be a good time to use the tag.

Moderators can make changes to tags at any time, and may make some adjustments for you, but it is your responsibility to do it first. Remember, tags are very good tools for helping someone find a specific kind of mod, so even though mods are sorted by category in Addons & More, tags are still super helpful when applied properly! Always tag your content appropriately!
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