(5.5 UPDATE) Tails Dolls' Forest v5.5

(5.5 UPDATE) Tails Dolls' Forest v5.5 5.5

That is not intentional, I have no idea why that's being like that. I will look into it, thanks!
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I looked into it and it seems to be a Software render issue. In OpenGL, it's just fine, changing the texture to a different glass texture doesn't fix the issue either.
Oh...that's weird...
Thanks for the troubleshoot.
Dylan Sahr updated (5.0 UPDATE) {SOUND WARNING} Tails Dolls' Forest V5.0 with a new update entry:

(5.1 UPDATE) Tails Dolls' Forest

New update has been released. This new update features the following:

New Health System: Act's 1-5 will start everyone with 10 rings, and everytime a Tails Doll damages you, you will lose a ring, but won't be able to pick that rings back up. There's scattered rings around the map's to act as health.

TDF Hangout: Changed and added many new noticeable features to TDF Hangout.

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I saw recent update, with New Health System instead of rings laying after getting hit by tails doll you don't get any rings back. I like this idea and i hope there will be more updates.


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SO I NOTICE THAT THE TAILS DOLLS IGNORED SHIELDS so hypothetically a character who could conveniently get shields with a key press couldnt cheese this
how do I find the exit

the hole in the ground leads to a dead end
[edit] turns out I wasn't looking for the right thing

armageddon shield doesnt work apparently, good effort anyway twi. take a rest.

this character i found off of gamebanana abilities are double jump and summon free shields with the custom buttons and tossflag
im back and this time im using superrun by zoraxua to breeze past the tails dolls since my last attempt as twilight didnt work (super run type : 3 gives you 50 rings every time you hit zero)

edit 1 : so thats the ending wow
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Dylan Sahr updated (5.4 UPDATE) Tails Dolls' Forest v5.4 with a new update entry:

(V5.5 UPDATE) Tails o

V5.5 has been released!

In the world of TDF, the snow is gone but something appeared out from the water in TDF Hangout. We don't know what it is, but It doesn't look dangerous but It's vulnerable. Let's study it and see what's happening.

- Removed the Snow from TDF Hangout
- Made some changes to TDF Hangout, School, a few acts.

V6.0 is around the corner, and with that brings Act 6! It should be done within a month or two. More lore will be added along with V6.0. Stay tuned...

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ngl i think that the fact that there's a "health" mechanic kinda breaks it for characters that already have an health mechanic (basically chars that have health are trash in this map) and i also think that the tails dolls should be able to die :)
I'm going to be real. This mod is SUPER fun. Tails Doll invading the house (as well as setting it alight) is super cool.

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