Fixed [2.1.17] Releasing Shift while other Shift is held un-Shifts

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When working on customizable menu controls (still working on it), I noticed a potential error, tested it to see if it would happen in-game, and it does happen.

Specifically, if you hold one of the two Shift buttons, stuff you type becomes upper-case, holding the other also makes it upper-case... but releasing Shift makes it become lower-case, even if the other Shift is still held.

This happens in the console on the title screen, the console in-game, and the chat in-game, and probably everywhere else that considers Shifts too.

Relevant code, in src/m_menu.c at lines 2083-2087:
    if (ev->type == ev_keyup && (ev->data1 == KEY_LSHIFT || ev->data1 == KEY_RSHIFT))
        shiftdown = false;
        return false;
This code sets "shiftdown" to false if you release the left or right Shift keys, but it doesn't check if you're holding the other Shift key first. This is an extremely minor issue, though.
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Create a merge request solely for bugfixing this and I'll personally +1 it for going into next.
Don't worry, if it doesn't get fixed by someone else before I wrap up my customizable menu control stuff eventually, I plan to fix it myself within the menu control stuff.
(And if someone else fixes it first, I'll be sure to include that fix in my customizable menu control stuff.)
For now, though, I'm working too much on manipulating the menu system to easily fix just this "un-Shift" issue, especially without it being redundant to make that bugfix when it's gonna be in my menu control stuff eventually anyway.
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