1. Submissions Guidelines (Updated July 2, 2021)

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So, you wanna post a mod you've made? Submissions is where it goes!

Instead of posting mods directly into releases, you post your topic here. A judge will look it over, and if everything is all good, then the topic will be moved into its proper place in releases. If there is something wrong that needs to be corrected, then a judge will inform you of what needs to be done, and then you will comment on the topic after you have made the appropriate changes, and it will be tested again. If you don't meet the requirements or continue to not follow the instructions given, then your mod will be moved to Rejected Submissions.

You can only see your own submissions, and only judges and moderators can see all the submissions. Submissions will remain hidden until they are moved to releases.

Mod Submission Rules
  1. Message board rules apply to all submissions, particularly concerning bigoted or inappropriate content.
    • Example: If your file contains pornographic content, it will be rejected.
  2. Filenames must conform to the guidelines in the Filename Conventions announcement.
    • Example: A file named “myzone.pk3” will not pass, but a file named “SL_myzone_v1.pk3” may pass.
  3. Your submission must contain something that you created yourself.The only exceptions are if you’re submitting something on behalf of someone else with their consent, or you are porting an old addon and following the guidelines set in rule 10.
    • Example: Repacks of others’ content with nothing new added will not pass.
  4. No plagiarism! If you do not have permission to use someone else’s work in your mod, and it was not marked as reusable, it will be rejected.

  5. Credit and Link any Reused content! Whenever you use anything marked as Reusable, you must provide both credit, and a link to the mod in question. It both credits the creator and supports their creation! Even if your own mod is not marked as Reusable, the Reusable contents must be known if others want it!

  6. Only one Kart Character topic per person. You can continue to make characters, but they must be updates to the one topic you have made for yourself, not entirely new topics onto themselves. Exceptions to the rule can only be made in the case of multiple author collaborations.
    • Example: A user first releases only one character, and names the submission after the character. Later, they make a second chracter, so they update the addon topic to a character pack named after themselves, and update the files to include both characters bundled together in one file, and then a zip with both characters in separate files.
  7. Custom colors cannot be released solo. A pack of at least 3 is acceptable. Only one Custom Colors topic per author.
    • Example: A single color would not make a suitable release, but custom characters can have custom colors and/or include these colors as additional downloads.
  8. Your submission must work at a basic level. Mods that immediately softlock or crash will not be accepted. Kart Characters have some additional requirements: all icons (Minimap, Rank, Wanted) must feature clearly visible color changing. Your character does not need full voice lines or SFX, but they must have a gloat sound, which is used for certain powerups.
    • Example: If your addon generates errors or warnings in the console, that’s fine, but it must still work as intended. We are not your beta testers, so we don’t dig for the little details.
  9. Keep personal disputes out of your addons.
    • Example: Your addon may not break other addons on purpose or contain rude messages about other community members.
  10. If your mod is a custom build exe and has netgame support, then it must include a custom MODID to avoid conflicting with vanilla SRB2 netgames on the Master Server.

  11. Do not pack individual pk3s in a .zip file. Pk3s are already compressed and putting them in .zip archives does not compress them any further.
    • Example: If you want to include multiple pk3s together (such as individuals for a character pack), putting them in a .zip file is acceptable.
  12. Porting content that predates the reusability system is allowed under certain circumstances. See as follows.
    • If you wish to port legacy content of this type, a reasonable attempt must be made to contact the original author. A pm via the forum must be sent, and you must look for them in the Official SRB2 Discord. If you do not receive a response in at least 2 months, you can continue through the releases process. For such a release, you must credit the original author(s) in the release post, in any Lua scripts, and in all of the map headers. No exceptions.

      If you wish to make any changes to the content aside from a mere port, this is allowed, but you must release an unmodified legacy variant alongside your modified version in the same thread.
      • Example: If you port an old character that had double jump as an ability, but you give it a new ability, you must release a "Legacy" port of the character with the original ability in the same post as your modified version.
      If at any point the original author shows up, or anyone manages to contact the original author, and they ask for the release to be taken down, it must immediately be complied with.
  13. Do not submit recreations of others' unreleased work without permission. This includes recreating sprites, other graphics, maps, scripts, music, sound, etc seen in publicly showcased gifs, videos, design documents, or other media. It's fine to make things where ideas are similar! But if you only make that thing because you saw someone else making it first, then don't. Taking inspiration from other sources is fine, but hijacking ideas you know other people are already working hard on is extremely demotivating for people and discourages community members from sharing their WIPs, and we don't want that kind of environment.
  14. Do not directly upload content that does not belong to you. This was partially covered in submission rules 3 and 4, but I want it to be absolutely clear; directly posting content that does not belong to you will result in an instant ban. I don't care if you found it off some odd server, or some obscure link, and you don't know who made it, yet you still want to share it. This is no place for content you have no right to post. If it doesn't belong to you, don't POST it!

We reserve the right to make exceptions to any of these rules where we find it justified to do so.

When posting your submission thread, make sure you do the following:

  1. Upload all files and screenshots as forum attachments. If your file is too big to fit, use a split .RAR or .7z file. You may have mirrors on other hosts, but the entire submission needs to be uploaded as an attachment.
  2. Upload screenshots to go along with your submission. Nobody'sgoing to be interested in your modification without being able to see it first. Remember that movie mode (F9 to enable/disable) can record animated GIFs of gameplay when your modification can't be shown off by a still screenshot.
    • If you want to include full-sized images in the body of the post outside of the screenshots section, right click the uploaded picture in the attachment manager to get its URL, and then use that URL in IMG tags as normal.
    • Do not use external hosts such as Discord or Imgur for screenshots used in the release post. Using sites like Imgur for minor banner images or promotional images is fine.
    • When uploading images for use in-line inside of the post (eg, promotional images or an intro/cover image), keep in mind that if the filesize is too large transparency may break, and that you can avoid the "click to see full size" banner by keeping the width of the image under 640 pixels.

Finally, please be patient. The community judges are people too and it may take over a week for your submission to be looked at. If it has been over a week with no response, you may contact a Judge, or use the Talk to the Staff subforum.
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