1. ChispiBlast

    Suggestions for Speedruns? POST THEM HERE

    Im going to post all my speedruns here and i will do all the speedruns what yall want, so dont be shy to suggest, i can make speedruns with all kind of addons, or if you want i can test and speedrun your own addon! Im average in the Speedruns, but im trying to get better And also, if someone...
  2. SP Moves Enjoyer

    Quest to recreate EVERY SINGLE SONIC ABILITY (4%)

    So while I was scrolling through some discord channels, looking for things to do, being bored as per usual. I stumbled on this post on a certain discord server So I thought to myself, "What if I recreated every single sonic ability ever?", and here we are On this thread, I will try to...
  3. juansito75

    How to get started on a voices mod.

    Hi, I'ts my first thread on a site because I'm searching for help. You see, yesterday I got an idea, which is to make a mod that lets every character throw voicelines specific to their actions (when they charge a spindash, jump, get hurt, etc), specially focused on the Battlemod. I've recorded a...
  4. realfriedchickenwith_a

    [Open Assets] UltraHardMode -0.000000000000000000000000000000001

    This mod is a very easy one to get a gameover No Continues No Lives No Rings Fall Damaged is enabled Can't Run And Much Much More
  5. realfriedchickenwith_a

    [Open Assets] A Very Power Lua 1.1beta

    this mod allow's you to have a super form and when respawned it doesn't give you the rings just when you start the level then it will work