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AKA FuriousFox
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Default Level Design Contest Voting: November/December 2008

Welcome to the September/October 2008 contest voting. We have 8 Multiplayer maps and 12 Single Player maps this time.

The voting works as follows: Play a few games of the stage in question, in the intended gametype for judging, and give the map a vote from 0 to 10, no decimals. You can not vote on your own map. Votes where the voter obviously did not play the level in its intended gametype, or where the voter did not play the multiplayer maps with other real players will be discarded. To encourage voting, if you are an author and you judge all of the competitor's maps, the lowest score on your map will be dropped. Please be as unbiased as possible for the author or the look of the map. It's all about how good the map plays, nothing else.

Although it's not necessary, it's very helpful to make comments about what you liked and didn't like about the map, so the author can improve his skill for future attempts.

Judging will end January 8th at midnight GMT (January 7th, 7:00 PM EST). The scores will be then averaged, and the person with the highest score is the winner.

The maps follow:

Single Player Level Pack

Single Player:
Elven Peaks Zone by Chrome
Adventure Island Zone by fawfulfan
Sand Valley by Nathan Speed
Green Hill Zone by Koni
Blown Fuse Zone by SonicMaster
End of Year NiGHTS by Glaber
Hydro Plant Zone by verifiaman (I think, going by the email address. Put your name next time.)
Sunset Strand Zone, Act 1 by Azure Hawk
Aquatic Labyrinth Zone, Act 1 by Kuja
Forever Forest Zone, Act 2 by BlueZero4
Death Egg Zone, Act 2 by Blade T. Hedgehog
Greenery Pass Zone by Knockout the Echidna

Match/CTF/Circuit Contest Level Pack

MAPA1 - Tainted Rainbow Zone by SonicMaster
MAPA2 - Spring Peak Zone by HyperKnux
MAPA3 - Elemental Arena by Nathan Speed
MAPA4 - Water Plant Zone by Ezer.Arch

MAPA5 - Autumn Breeze Zone by SonicMaster
MAPA6 - Desert Ruins Zone by HyperKnux

MAPA7 - Furry Fox's Volcano Zone by SonicMaster
MAPA8 - Assembly Line Zone by JJames19119

Please make sure to play the levels in the intended gametype, and above all, have fun judging!
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too bad i dont have srb2 on this computer, and wont be back on my normal computer until voting ends D=

Though I might be able to install it.
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JJAMES!!! Yahoo! And OMG that's a huge 1P division. Yes, FuriousFox, Hydro Plant is indeed by verifiaman.
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Wow a lot of maps for 2009 I guess. Great work to every one who made a map!
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ArchPack developer
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My name is there @.@,
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Nathan Speed
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I played two Single Player levels and one was SonicMasters' 2-D one.

I lost. So hard.
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The master of verification.
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i did put my name furiousfox. You were fast with this
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...that still doesn't really give me any feedback on how well I did with BFZ, Nathan. =/
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You know, SM, he'll have the feedback in his actual voting post.
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ArchPack developer
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Forever Forest Zone, Act 2 by BlueZero4
OMG! OMG! Now I realized it there! O.O'

I loved Forever Forest Zone, Act 1. It was a great map with a wonderful and impressive scenery. I went crazy when I saw the details and the care to create all that architecture.

* Downloading 15MB without complaint *
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The master of verification.
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ter ruins WTF didnt i see this on the forums?
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Nathan Speed
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Ummm... I haven't played them all, so i'll update this as I play them.

Blown Fuse Zone: 9/10

This was VERY well made. It brached off well, it gave instructions at one point on how to continue, and the scenery was well done aswell. The music was good, it used nice textures, and the whole thing was just perfect. My only gripe is that a few times I died from trying to jump to a object that seemed closer than it was, but that's it. Good job SM.

Adventure Island Zone: 3/10

I did not enjoy this level much. First off, it used adventure mode in a place where it was not meant for. This means that the camera was trapped behind many walls MANY times. The hallways were small and cramped, and it used Adventure Mode very poorly. I coulden't even finish it due to getting stuck to a wall in mid-jump. Sorry, but this was rather poor.

Hydro Plant Zone: 6/10

This was possibly your best level yet verafiaman (god I hope I spelled that right). It was fun, well made, and though it was basic, it was nice. It didn't have my visual glitches, but WAY too many eniemies where you wouldent expect them. I got two game overs in the second room. Also, a few times it had smallplaces of bad leel judgement, but eventualy it all formed into a rather okay map. Not the BEST, but sure as hell not the worst, but it's slightly over average.

Tails > You.
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Level-Elven Peaks
Nothing in particular to note, other than looking like a cavern with many craggy ledges. It's fine.

Adventure Island
Notes:Yikes. Adventure mode, tight passages, and awkward level design do not a good combination make.

Blown Fuse Zone
Notes:Wow. Exceeded Expectations. You've managed to make 2D mode everything I could hope for it to be. However, the point still stands that 2D mode is overly frustrating to play in, but there's not much you can do about that. It just may be a worthy challenger of that OTHER 2D level we all seem to rant about these days.

Sand Valley
oh noes. Pretty, but too many areas that simply were simply too plain to be enjoyed to it's fullest.

Green Hill Zone
Notes:As soon as I saw "Green Hill Zone" in the lineup, I was expecting to see a crappy rendition of this beaten-to-a-dead-horse level.I was, to my enjoyment, dead wrong. You actually did a pretty swell job on this level. However, Green Hill Zone did NOT have mon....wait, are those SOCced enemies, I see? Awesome SOCcing, d00d. You get an extra point for creativeness.

End of Year NiGHTS
Notes:The flow from loop to loop was extremely nice for your typical SRB2 NiGHTS level. If there was only more to the stage, I would have found reason to rate higher. :( Not even my favorite song, Growing Wings, could save it from being just barely above average.

Hydro Plant Zone
Avg-5/10-1 for stealing work
Eh. It's a pretty awkward stage to play, but that doesn't mean it is necessarily bad. Just awkward. Also, In a netgame, I was just informed that you actually took those enemy bots from Senku, without his permission. Taking his work to make yours better seems justifiable for a 1 point decrease.

Sunset Strand Zone
Note:Decent level design? Check. Balanced rings and enemies? Check. Multiple paths and flow? Check and check again. The only thing that this map really lacked was length. It was over before I knew it, and there was nothing particularly notable about it. It was so generic, that it didn't leave much of an impression. Just your typical starting level. It's okay, however.

Forever Forest Zone, Act 2
Avg 7/10
Detail. It's absolutely incredible, and I think you could open up a museum, charge money, and make a profit with the amount of effort you put into your levels. But is a gameplay related obstacle too much to ask for? D: I was never really into button hunts, and this level lacks any sort of re playability whatsoever without it. Plenty of nooks and crannies, and a severe lack of baddies. The notable moments were few and far in between, but at least they were there. I don't know whether or not you absolutely NEEDED me to look for those buttons that are supposedly in this level(I couldn't be bothered to. I mean, this level is much too big to look for an obscure button in an even more obscure corner of the map), but it definitely would have helped if I faced a few varying obstacle challenges before I finished in 1:42.

Death Egg Zone
Notes: I think you already know why I love your level so much, so I won't bother to reiterate myself. Your level has nice, interactive design with plenty of stuff inside it to keep me coming back for more.

Greenery Pass Zone
Notes:Once again, nice level design. Nothing noteworthy about this stage, other than it being somewhat bare looking and having a weird starpost placement near the end.

Aquatic Labyrinth
SonicMaster:The only place I could think of ALZ lagging terribly is the rising water puzzle near the end of the level. Either I unknowingly own some manner of supercomputer that can handle any sort of graphical hurdle, you are overly exaggerating about the 50% gamemiss throughout the entire map(lawl), or your computer is severely lacking in any sort of SRB2-playing power(which I doubt). Other than that-yeah, it's quite a monster of a map.

None of these scores are final.
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Nathan Speed
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Originally Posted by Kuja
Sand Valley
oh noes. Pretty, but too many areas that simply were simply too plain to be enjoyed to it's fullest.
Yeah, I didn't expect anyone to move during the spring area. Sorry about that. I didn't see anyway to fix it that would make any diffrence.
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Adventure Island Zone, 2/10
This level is awful. Adventure mode, too much darkness, completely pointless and/or tedious gimmicks, bad flow, just no. Try again. No more loops, please.

Death Egg Zone Act 2, 7/10
Normally excellent level design, but this has quite a few cheap deaths to kick it down. The red/yellow/green gimmick needs to die very much, and the challenging platforming with it could have been just as easily made with regular platforms. Some enemy placement is really unfair, and the lack of Star Posts really got on my nerves. It also feels like it goes too fast. The flow breaking pop-up-from-the-floor red FOFs were absolutely pointless and should be removed. My favorite part of this level, however, was the placement of the Attraction Shield in a Space Countdown room and how I barely made it.

There were a lot of good gimmicks, but none of them were like WHOA. This stage could use one of those.

Forever Forest Zone Act 2, 4/10
Sigh. Really boring level design if you ask me. It's also fairly laggy in spots. Minus 1 point for having absolutely no enemies or challenges.

End Year of NiGHTS, 4/10
Looked and felt really rushed. Most of the gameplay was a bit above average, but the presence of the Ring Monitor (super clever, BTW) hurt it. Took me a while to figure out that you need to paraloop it. Also, I can't get back up if I run out of time. The visuals aren't that great.

Sand Valley, 2/10
Sorry, man. It looks great, but it plays pretty badly. There are a couple cheap deaths, and some bad enemy placement. Most of the stage, however, is just really, really bland.

Sunset Strand Zone Act 1, 7/10
Wow, quality stuff, man! This definitely is your best level. Flow and platforming were great. If only it weren't so short... >_> I really liked the Red Spring into the Exit Sector.

Green Hill Zone, 7/10
Another great level. While it is still a bit short, the main beef I have for this one is that it is a one-way road. I love how blocky the stage is, and I also like the presence of monkeys. Add some multiple paths and length to this stage and you'll have a masterpiece; the flow and platforming were just that good.

Hydro Plant Zone, 1/10
I'm sorry, this level just fell apart. There's too much flat space, and I got stuck underwater, not knowing where to get out. So I enabled GOD mode. I STILL couldn't find the way out. I think the only reason I liked this level is because it started off as being so much better than your other levels.

Aquatic Labyrinth Zone Act 1, 3/10
Minus 2 points for framerate so bad I had to use another computer. This stage has issues. There are parts so awful that they would deserve a 2, and some parts well-designed enough to deserve an 8. The underwater sections were slow, tedious, and full of drowning. It was very hard to find Air Bubbles, and I hated drowning over and over and over again. Plus, having to stop for Air Bubbles so often basically kills enjoyability. Then once the underwater section was over, it felt a lot better. The speed and platforming became quite solid. However, the gimmicks didn't become really any better. I didn't truly enjoy any gimmick in the stage, actually, despite some of them being cool. The spike walls were the best idea, but they blended in to the wall, so, yeah. I hated the continuously falling water sectors. They didn't make the stage harder at all. Just much, much more tedious. DEZ2's yellow lasers were implemented much better.

Elven Peaks Zone, 5/10
Tedious, and a bit dull. It's also really devoid of any detail. I really wish you would have used a theme other than Silver Cavern. The design isn't bad, it just isn't interesting.

Greenery Pass Zone Act 1, 4/10
Level design was more interesting than Elven Peaks, but then it had maze-like complexity at the beginning and badly placed secrets to cancel it out. Also, this level basically proves that Blade really is your brother, but not in a bad way. =P

Blown Fuse Zone, I'm still/lame puns >_>
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The Tortured Planet guy
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Here are my ratings for the single player levels:

Level: Elven Peaks
Rating: 3/10
Comments: Yikes. I couldn't figure out where I was even supposed to go. Plus, I wasn't too fond of the texture choice. Sorry, but I didn't enjoy this level that much.

Level: Adventure Island
Rating: None
Comments: My own level! I personally liked it, but I can see now that apparently my use of adventure mode was misplaced. Dang.

Level: Blown Fuse
Rating: 10/10
Comments: Man...those visuals!!! This level was just serves as living proof that you can still make a good level off 2D mode.

Level: Hydro Plant
Rating: 7/10
Comments: I really enjoyed this, particularly the custom sprites and music. Quite delightful.

Level: End Year of NiGHTS
Rating: 8/10
Comments: A fantastic end to the Year of NiGHTS. Nice, dramatic, and full of customs. Wonderful stuff here.

Level: Sunset Strand 1
Rating: 7/10
Comments: The good levels just keep on coming! A little glitchy at the start, but it was generally delightful.

Level: Aquatic Labyrinth
Rating: 8/10
Comments: Mega points for originality. Excellent current tunnels!

Level: Death Egg
Rating: 9/10
Comments: I can't believe how many good levels are in this contest...reminds me of Techno Base Zone from last contest.

Level: Forever Forest 2
Rating: 9/10
Comments: Stunning sky texture and smooth environment changes...yet another fabulous level!

Level: Green Hill
Rating: 7/10
Comments: Great remake of an old classic.

Level: Greenery Pass 1
Rating: 6/10
Comments: A bit plain after the other levels, but still, nice textures.

Level: Sand Valley
Rating: 6/10
Comments: Not the best 2D level ever, but still, it's nowhere near the worst, either.

Conclusion: There were a lot of great levels in this contest. Most of them made my level look terrible :(
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And now, ladies and gentlemen, watch my hypocrisy in action!

Elven Peaks Zone by Chrome - 6/10
Don't get me wrong, this is a really, really solid level. My biggest gripe with it is that it has nothing to set it apart from all of the other levels I've seen.

Oh yeah, and I had a hard time finding forwards in the section between the first and second starposts. Although what, this is like the third time I've played this?

Adventure Island Zone by fawfulfan - 2/10
Firstly, I am the most hardcore, dogmatic, biased software user on the entire 'board. (And you can quote me on that.) I played the level in software. I liked it better in software, and I didn't even play it in OGL. Telling me "Hey stupid, go switch to OGL" just starts me off with a bad impression. Although technically, that's not what killed what I thought of the level.

What really killed it was the adventure mode. If you had made a level that was normal, I would be docking you for things like being confusing and all that crap. Not that those bad things aren't there, but they're not the most pressing problem. No, the problem was that you forgot you were designing for adventure mode. I stuck it out the entire time in analog, and I must say: The numerous sharp turns caught the camera on the inside wall. It's also impossible to do precise platforming in analog mode, which also was killing you.

And then, the level just dragged on and on. If you had only stopped the level after the switchhunt, you could have gotten a 6 instead of a 2.

Sand Valley by Nathan Speed - 6/10
I liked the slow, gimmicky parts. I disliked the parts that were more like hold right or let go of the controls. This level was pretty cut and dry.

Green Hill Zone by Koni - 4/10
The map was sub-par. You couldn't really set yourself apart from all of the rest of the GHZ impostors, and the skinny platforming was frustrating.

Blown Fuse Zone by SonicMaster - 7/10
I liked everything here. The gimmicks were cool, it was really stylized, and nothing was really "bad" except the outside part. Instead of killing me when I fall in the deathpit, could you teleport me to safe ground that's a bit before said obstacle? That would induce less pause-god-noclip-ness.

End of Year NiGHTS by Glaber - 3/10
Having the capability to create a NiGHTS map doesn't mean you should. To create a NiGHTS map, you have to be inspired. I'm not seeing any inspiration here. From what I can tell, you're following a generic formula and producing something that isn't special, and that's not what makes NiGHTS maps fun.

Hydro Plant Zone by verifiaman - 0/10
I can't take you seriously. I'd love to take the time to point out every single flaw here, but I believe they're all covered in level design 101.

Also, did you get permission for any of that custom content? Most of it looks like Senku's and JJ's, with a few asset pack things here and there.

Sunset Strand Zone 1 by Azure Hawk - 7/10
That was fun. It was a nice map that I really enjoyed during the two minutes I played it. Not that there weren't things I didn't like, but most of those pertained to mapping style instead of just bad design.

Aquatic Labyrinth Zone 1 by Kuja - 8/10
Kuja, your map does everything right that I could possibly expect out of level. But, on the other hand, your map strikes me as nothing more than a map. I'm not feeling anything more than this being a level in a video game. I'm sure this is evident to you, but for me SRB2 is a way for me to be a creative, artistic person, not a videogamer. Granted, this seems like we've got two different ends of the same stick, and we each dislike each other's maps because they're not like minded to us. Alas, poor me...

Forever Forest Zone 2 by BlueZero4
Have you guys found my hypocrisy yet? I'm approaching my own levels like art, but I'm treating everyone else's like they're only parts of a video game.

Also, FFZ2 is only 3 MBs. You can thank everyone else for the huge filesize this time.

Death Egg Zone 2 by Blade T. Hedgehog - 8/10
I want to say I liked it, but I feel like I'd be leaving something out. I also want to say it's nothing special, but then I feel like I'm being under appreciative. But then again, that's what the OLDC is, isn't it? It's impossible to give a play-by-play breakdown of the level, so the only thing the OLDC can really provide is a yes or no in terms of whether people liked your level or not.

Greenery Pass Zone by Knockout the Echidna - 7/10
I liked the level, but that's all I can really say about it. Sorry.
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Formerly Inuyasha
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I'll get around to doing the entirety of the SP levels later, but for now take these 8, as of 01.05.09; the rest will come tomorrow.

Adventure Island (fawfulfan) _ 1 / 10
Adventure mode + tight spaces + confusing routes does not a good map make. Seriously, the first three or four times I played this map I ended up completely lost. The only way I actually managed to finish was by complete chance.

Hydro Plant (verifiaman) _ 0 / 10
...dear god, no. There are so many things wrong with this map that listing them would take me all night. I've been stuck in places with no apparent way out, run into seemingly invisible walls (This may be OpenGL's fault, but I honestly doubt it), and dealt with some extremely stupidly placed things. (Springs facing away from where you're supposed to go, anyone?) And that's hardly even nitpicking.

End of Year NiGHTS (Glaber) _ 6 / 10
I actually had some pretty decent fun on this, I'll give you that. The scenery isn't exactly going to win any awards, but the thing placement is definitely nice enough for me. Although, I will say, it was a bit of a pain to find where to return to to start the next mare/end the level after destroying the Egg Capsule.

Also, now that I think about it, why exactly is the second mare's Egg Capsule's ring requirement 90? That seems a bit too strict, IMO; I was expecting 80 myself. :/

Blown Fuse (SonicMaster) _ 9 / 10 I... er... I'm speechless. You've taken what I personally think is one of the hardest modes to build a good level for, and done exactly that. I could hardly find any faults while I was going through. The one thing that kept me from giving you that 10 is that ending section, which I didn't like as much as the rest of the map, but still... wow.

Sand Valley (Nathan Speed) _ 5 / 10
It's pretty much a typical 2d level, really. Although the diagonal yellow springs that move the player into and back from the background/foreground... I know it looks cool, but using them like that makes it WAY too easy to accidentally get off the path, screwing everything up.

Also, you probably should have made that diagonal-down spring somewhere around halfway in a bit harder to just jump over.

Forever Forest 2 (BlueZero4) _ 6 / 10
...Well. If I was grading this solely on scenery, you'd have gotten a perfect 10. It's just that amazing.

But... there's absolutely nothing going on in the level in terms of challenges and whatnot. I mean, there's the occasional death pit, but that's it. I found absolutely no enemies whatsoever. Of course, there might be some theme I'm missing here, seeing as how I missed FFZ1, but still...

Death Egg 2 (Blade) _ 9 / 10
Well, I don't have many qualms with this map... the only real things I can think of are those red platforms; some kind of non-fatal warning that they're not actually solid would have been nice. Aside from that, this was quite amazing.

Aquatic Labyrinth 1 (Kuja) _ 8 / 10
I despise water levels.

That doesn't mean that this isn't a great level, though. Honestly, the level's pretty well built; but it seems to drag on for a bit too long for my tastes.

I swear, though, one of the switches rarely bugs up and kills me for no good reason, though for all I know this may be some bug I accidentally introduced while implementing things in XSRB2; I haven't checked yet.
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Review & Score for aquatic labyrinth changed

Here is my review for the Single Player division. I'll rate the Multiplayer division once I host/join a netgame and play the levels enough..

Adventure Island: 1/10
Why use adventure mode? Really. Also adventure mode in tight spaces can get the camera stuck. Also, I tried this in software, and it's just fine.

Blown Fuse zone: 9/10
This is the best 2D level I have played. You have have actually made a not decent, but fantastic level in 2D. I just don't like the outside part, but that was all.

Hydro Plant Zone: 3/10
This is an improvement over your other levels.....kind of.. You had a lot of things wrong, and I got stuck way too often.

End of the Year Nights: 5/10
I didn't like or dislike this stage. It lacked in scenery, and I was confused on how to get to some places, and there was also some rings I couldn't get. And when I ran out of time, I fell. And there is no way back up. I also don't know why you have a pack of bumpers bunched in a spot that isn't part of the track.

Sunset Strand Zone: 3/10
This map has a lot of good things in it, but it was just way too short. It was over way sooner then I thought.

Aquatic Labyrinth zone: 8/10
I played this a few more times and it way waaay easier. Well, I like all the alternate routes, the custom music, and the level is just plain fun. Still, it would have been nice to have a few more air bubbles here and there..

Death Egg Zone: 7/10
The custom textures are nice, and so is the music, but the level is just TOO DAMN HARD. It's also kind of annoying to have it over a giant bottomless pit.

Forest Forever zone act 2: 7/10
Fantastic scenery. The sky, the textures, the lighting, the everything. My only complaint is that there is no actual platforming or anything like that.

Green Hill Zone: 4/10
Well, this level is just too linear. You had some alternate routes, but they were all tiny, linear paths. It was hard to keep moving without occasionally slipping off into a death pit.

Elven peaks: 6/10
This level wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. I was occasionally confused where I was supposed to go, but I figured it out. The music is also soothing....

Greenery Pass zone: 4/10
This level was plain and short. I just ran for a bit, and the level was over. Still, it looked pretty.

Sand Valley: 6/10
The beginning is not very interesting, no scenery, and I just run for a bit. Now what I liked what was I get into the Big, open space. The idea of using the level itself as scenery was pretty cool, and it worked well. I wish that with the some of the platforming, failing wouldn't give make you fall into a pit and die, especially since the Jetty-syn knocks you off a lot. Also some of the enemy placement is bad, like the said Jetty-syn, and a crawla commander near a checkpoint. Immediately after respawning at the check point the crawla commander killed me. And I got off track when I got to the spring part. I'd say half this level isn't bad, half of it is somewhat good.
lol longest review.

Multiplayer Map reviews

Tainted Rainbow Zone: 6/10
The textures and music didn't exactly match together, but I'm not bringing down the score for that. The slime lake was a really bad idea. It brings down your score (did any other people notice this?) and you can't even jump out. It's really annoying when you get shot into the pool. I also don't like how the other water blocks all drain your rings. And you had a lot of rail rings in there, and there were easy to get.

Spring Peak Zone: 7/10
The design and texture choices were awesome. I liked a lot of things about this map, but one thing hurt it a lot... the death pit. Once you fall in (which you do a lot) you either die, or you fall in a small safe spot. And when you fall in those little safe spots, there is no way out with Sonic. You have to switch to tails or knuckles to get out, which I don't think should have to be done. The lake could have been a normal one instead of a death pit or those small safe spots could have at least have had springs on them. But I still enjoyed the map overall.

Elemental Arena: 7/10
When you have for then two or three players in a map, teleporting hurts it. A lot. Any player can just teleport somewhere and be shot without a chance of dodging. Also, the map is just too big, and I think it could have done without the sky part. Other then those two problems this is a fine map.

Water Plant zone: 9/10
Excellent level. I just loved the design, and that was all. You have a weapon rings that are a little close together, but that's all.

Autumn Breeze zone: 6/10
Pretty average. The telporting to the base thing was pretty nifty, the texture choices were pretty cool. I never though ground textures could be used for trees and still look normal. I just wish there were more rings in the bases, because people sticked around there a lot.

Desert Ruins zone: 4/10
This was bad, really bad. There were no alternate routes to the other base that weren't impossible to get through, and the only route is pretty small. It was also hard to find out were the base is, at first.


Furry Fox's Volcano Zone: 3/10
First of all, it's not a good a idea to force the player to use Tails. He's really, really, slow. And because of that it felt to me like the race just dragged on and on. The level is just very ugly. Almost no scenery, just big empty space. I expected more from you.

Assembly Line zone: 6/10
This was an OK map. It was actually good, how you needed to time your thoks or you would fall in slime or hit a wall. But that's just it. It's just average.
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Why did they remove Grey
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I probably would've had a CTF map in if I wasn't so terribly busy this month. (and lazy too) I also was planning on having a single player map in this contest instead but then opted to do multiplayer maps sometime before december.

I also had lots of other circuit maps I could've entered but the new rule makes getting extremely good feedback a bit harder now, since I have to do it one at a time. =\ I can understand though.
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